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Can someone explain me?



Can someone explain me what is the connection between serverfile and source? I mean i want to make my own server and i don't know what to do to source or even to serverfile. I know what serverfile means but i really don't know what is source and what is she doing. Thank you for your answears!

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Serverfiles is the game system. This is where u control all the game, players and etc...

And how u make all of this? With "souce" and Source is the files to create all the game. All!

Like all software, when u create any software, u need the Source files (files to build any software) in this case the Source is to build all files to metin2.

Until here we have talking about serverfiles and this is "all of players dont see" cuz this is serverfiles.



And then... we need the same. But for players. And that we call "client side" this will be "All of players will see. At the moment u see the icon and click to enter in game.... this is all "serverside"

And to make all of this... we need other source, and we call it... "Binary"  or "client source"

And once more, this source/binary will create all files in client side. Like the icon, game windows, characters etc... this client side source/binary is "all of what players will see"


And then source of serverside will connect with cliente source....

Sorry for my english... but i hope u get it....

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