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Searching Good quest maker with 100% response


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As title says so Im Searching for a good quest maker with 100% response.
be clear that if u commit you have to finish in a specified day or time. 
Say Yes or No and dont waste the time.

you can message here with reply or pm me 

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Hi I'm a professional quest maker with experience in lua,c++ and python add me on skype (csmarius.sro) i'll be available after 30 september you can find more of my work here on forum or on my server www.wildfantasy.ro

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4 hours ago, Human said:

Syreldar please dont comment for namesake.  i gave u the quest info like 4 months before till now you didn't responded me for it.. but here u replying.. saying you are for quest developing

Newer Skype versions lose notifications, i'm making daily quests for a lot of people even from other communities, and i have got no contacts from you, so your argument is invalid. I'll be waiting.

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"Nothing's free in this life.

Ignorant people have an obligation to make up for their ignorance by paying those who help them.

Either you got the brains or cash, if you lack both you're useless."


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