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Function - No more [ENTER ] in your quests


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Are you tired of write [ENTER] in all your text or use 20 says for write a simple text?

Me, yes.

So I coded a funcion wich solve this problem.

The difference between this function and the normal "say" is that this search for the last word of the line, and dont cut this word like the normal "say" do.

Add to your questlib.lua

function say2(msg)
	msg_size = string.len(msg)
	if msg_size > 59 then
		local i = 59
		last_word = nil
		while last_word == nil and i > 0 do
			if string.sub(msg,i,i) == " " or string.sub(msg,i,i) == "." or string.sub(msg,i,i) == "," then
				last_word = i
			i = i-1
		if i == 0 then
			last_word = 59

Add to your quest_functions:



And now use say2 instead of say in your quests!

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