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Packing mob_proto not working

Metin2 Dev


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Hello devs,
since 2 days i try to pack my mob_proto, it seems to work fine but if i start the client this appears:


0722 01:02:14512 :: CPythonNonPlayer::LoadNonPlayerData: invalid size 358020 check data format.
0722 01:02:14512 :: LoadLocaleData - LoadMobProto(locale/de/mob_proto) Error

I dont know what my mistake is, so i watched the log on the cmd while running dump_proto.
I used this command to dump the output to a file: dump_proto.exe > log.txt

Content of the logfile:


MOB #101   ??               Yabani Köpek     sight: 2000 color 0[(null)]
MOB #102   ??               Kurt             sight: 2000 color 0[(null)]
MOB #103   ????             Alfa Kurt        sight: 2000 color 0[(null)]

### a huge amout of mobs later###

sizeof(TMobTable) 255
MobProto count 1404
358020 --Compress--> 56202 --Encrypt--> 56224, GetSize 56244
BuildMobTable working normal



On the cmd this output is still visible:


sizeof(TMobTable): 255
mob_proto_test.txt ã─└¤└╗ └ð¥¯┐└┴÷ ©°Ã▀¢└┤¤┤┘
mob_proto_test.txt ã─└¤└╗ └ð¥¯┐└┴÷ ©°Ã▀¢└┤¤┤┘
LZObject: key incorrectsizeof(TClientItemTable): 156
item_names.txt ã─└¤└╗ └ð¥¯┐└┴÷ ©°Ã▀¢└┤¤┤┘
item_proto_test.txt ã─└¤└╗ └ð¥¯┐└┴÷ ©°Ã▀¢└┤¤┤┘
item_proto.txt ã─└¤└╗ └ð¥¯┐└┴÷ ©°Ã▀¢└┤¤┤┘


Aswell, if i pack the item_proto it works fine without any problems.


Anyone got a idea what i can try to do?


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