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Some ideas for ComboBox


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Hi there, I just started making a select server in intrologin and I stopped at this problem, and I dont understand why what I did dosent work.

self.board = {
				"board"	: self.GetChild("board"),
				"ID"	: self.GetChild("id_editline"),
				"PW" 	: self.GetChild("pwd_editline"),
				"dropDown" 	: ui.ComboBox(),
def RefreshServerComboItems(self):
		self.SERVER_COUNT = 2
		self.board["dropDown"].SetPosition(60, 280)
		self.board["dropDown"].SetSize(61, 18)
		for i in xrange(self.SERVER_COUNT):
			self.board["dropDown"].InsertItem(i, "%d - Server" % i)
			self.board["dropDown"].SetCurrentItem("%d - Server" % i)

so the problem is when I press the black slot it dosent do anything ... it should dropdown as far as I know.


instead of inserting the items intro the comboBox it show the list in the lower side.

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