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[CRASH] Offline shop by ken



Hei everybody , at about 3-4 days the offlineshop by ken crash my core with this core:


(gdb) bt full
#0  DESC::Packet (this=0x8487b6c, c_pvData=0xffff9ce8, iSize=4) at desc.cpp:428
No locals.
#1  0x0827d222 in COfflineShop::Broadcast (this=0x30d5deb0, data=0xffff9ce8,
    bytes=4) at offline_shop.cpp:504
        ch = <value optimized out>
        it = {<std::tr1::__detail::_Hashtable_iterator_base<std::pair<CHARACTER* const, bool>,false>> = {_M_cur_node = 0x699239e0,
    _M_cur_bucket = 0x30d5f804}, <No data fields>}
#2  0x0827d68a in COfflineShop::RemoveAllGuest (this=0x30d5deb0)
    at offline_shop.cpp:156
        pack = {header = 47 '/', size = 4, subheader = 1 '\001'}
#3  0x0827f0a7 in COfflineShopManager::ChangePrice (this=0xffffaa1c,
    ch=0x6c8f3800, bPos=55 '7', llPrice=10000000000)
    at offlineshop_manager.cpp:506
        pkOfflineShop = 0x30d5deb0
        __FUNCTION__ = Cannot access memory at address 0x83cffe2


Who solve this  ? I use the last version of offlineshop by ken.

I can pay the solve !

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