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Client bin problem [help]

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Hello community,

i am using the 40k client , and it is opening fine for me.

but i gave dll to a friend and he tryies to open it and it doesnt run , the login screen doesnt appear,

i told him to turn of the firewall and antivirus but crap again nothing!!!





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  • Moon

syserr from your friend + what client are you using

(client fur r40250 // bin 28k or GF client ?)

if you are using 28k bin give him the :





and the client should start


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  • Moon

log says 0529 02:04:38277 :: ΎΛΈ²: ΖΔΐΟ ΈπµεΐΤ΄Ο΄Ω. 0529 02:04:00004 :: 0529 02:04:00004 :: ## Network - OffLine Phase ## 0529 02:04:00004 ::

should come with

packet error on the syserr right?

but at the time i had the auth problem (connection refused and as long as you can login then there should be no problem from the server)

so just try it on a other pc if it work destroy your friend pc

if it does not work your pc is not normal

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i have the same problem i am using 40k client the login screen doenst appear and i get the same error in log 0615 04:48:21792 :: ΎΛΈ²: ΖΔΐΟ ΈπµεΐΤ΄Ο΄Ω. 0615 04:48:00006 :: 0615 04:48:00006 :: ## Network - OffLine Phase ## 0615 04:48:00007 ::

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I found the solution this is work for me i dont know the reason but was randomly make some testing with others files and i still didnt work even i change every file in the 40k client.i make i a new folder and i copy/cut all the files and the 40k client work the login screen appear. i hope work for you sorry for my bad english :D

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