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Hi, what is bad in this quest?


quest teleporter2 begin
    state start begin
        when 20092.chat."Valea Maiasa(Lv.100-120)" begin
            local xteodor = 1
            local iteodor = 30179
            local nteodor = "Valea Maiasa"
            local lteodor = "100-120"
            say_title(mob_name(20092)..": ")
            say_green("Salut "..pc.getname().."! ")
            say_green("Pentru a intra in "..nteodor.." trebuie ")
            say_green("sa indeplinesti cateva conditii. ")
            say_green("Nivelul trebuie sa fie intre "..lteodor..". ")
            say_green("Trebuie sa detii "..item_name(iteodor).." x"..xteodor.." .")
            say_green("Doresti sa fii teleportat? ")
            local s = select("Da", "Nu")
            if s == 1 then 
                if pc.count_item(iteodor) >= xteodor then 
                    if pc.get_level() >= 100 and pc.get_level() <= 120 then 
                        pc.remove_item(iteodor, xteodor)
                        chat("|cffff0000[Teleporter]|h|cFFFFFFFF|h Se pare ca nu inteplinesti conditiile de nivel! ")
                    chat("|cffff0000[Teleporter]|h|cFFFFFFFF|h Se pare ca nu detii "..item_name(iteodor).." x"..xteodor.." .")



[email protected]:/usr/--/--/share/locale/romania/quest # ./qc new_quest/teleporter_exp/quest.lua
QUEST : teleporter2
STATE : start
WHEN  : 20092.chat ("Valea Maiasa(Lv.100-120)")
[email protected]:/usr/--/--/share/locale/romania/quest #

PS2: https://metin2.download/picture/zyLawhY4iXZZY2725j1b3bCm6ybTn2sG/.jpg


Edited by Metin2 Dev
Core X - External 2 Internal
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The problem is that when you click on NPC you can't see Valea Maiasa(Lv.100-120). It's correct?

If this is the problem check the directory quest/object/20092 and find your quest here. If you find it try to restart your game server and post the list of file in this directory.

If you don't find it here, you have some problem with qc.

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