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How do you deal with hackers?


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As most of us also have been GM at some point, or run a server, I thought it's a good idea to chat about how you deal with hackers. I am not talking about client protection schemes here, but what you do once they get a hack to work on your server.


Some GM use the /user command to warp through all suspicious names, others trust players to report the hacks, in WoM we make use of the speedhack and fish logs mainly to watch for potential hackers. I'm not sure about other servers, but for us the use of a hack is a permanent ban, without discussion.


What is your rulebook for dealing with hackers?

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My client is pretty safe from cheaters, but if anyone is ever reported as a cheater nothing really happens because people tend to not get any proof and without proof I don't ban.


I also have in the past, several times, checked the users with /u and teleported to names. I use racial profiling to spot Romanian players and warp to them and also check any names like xXxWarriorProxXx who may be RO or MKD or whatever.. names with TR and PL also raise a flag. These are the demographics for cheaters so I use this data to search for them. Luckily I only have to do this if there's a cheat that I know is working and I haven't figured out how to block yet.. so this doesn't have to be done too often anymore. In older days my friend Die4Me made me a great system that analyzes the log data into another table showing me who's switchbotting based on their bonus changing behavior.


When a player reports a potential cheater to me while I'm online I drop what I'm doing and warp to them invisibly.


I try to re-create use of the cheat to see how it works and what harm it can do, then try to figure out a way to block it, which in most cases involves adding it to the deny list in enigma.

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If you find it offensive there's nothing I can do about that, I have a successful method of finding cheaters based on demographic statistics.


I seriously doubt that, as I've went and tested the cheats which are available. If you'd like to mention which one you think works I can test it / let you know / fix it.



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