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On 15.05.2016 at 4:52 PM, Shang said:

self.txttooltip = uiToolTip.ToolTip()

self.image.SAFE_SetEvent("MOUSE_OVER_IN", self.txttooltip.ShowToolTip)
self.image.SAFE_SetEvent("MOUSE_OVER_OUT", self.txttooltip.HideToolTip)

It doesn't work for ImageBox class, but there's OnMouseOverIn / Out - I got problem (I want to add tooltip with itemdescription of material at uiRefine.py)

def ShowTip(self):
    def HideTip(self):


At def Open(): I initiate uiTooltip for self.txttooltip and further this code:

itemImage = self.__MakeItemImage()


I got error:

0528 20:17:26082 :: OnMouseOverIn() takes exactly 1 argument (2 given)


Anyone can help? I suck at python

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