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Hello there,

I have just started using SpeedTree 3 so I can create my own trees, but something is not working, in WE trees are 15x smaller and textures aren't applied. That is why I need some tips :)

-Which SpeedTree version should I use? I heard 3 is fully compatible, but I don't like using it, it is weird o.O 

-How to export it to be fully functional in Metin2?

-Why are textures not applied on trees when I look at it in WorldEditor?

I would really appreciate your help!


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On 12.05.2016 at 3:51 PM, Sonitex said:

Thanks :D

hey bro can you help me ? 

in speedtree : https://metin2.download/picture/Z44OtrrnjuiD28YCAKn39yRg5EzlW8CK/.png

in W.E. : https://metin2.download/picture/2WDXl87aFCFwLsq8e5sCPx7bBaNX4SXF/.png

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