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Obviously everyone on this forum plays or has played Metin2.

So my question is why are u guys interested in Metin2,

when u coult play games with better graphic, better PvP system, better Raids/Runs and so on..?

 Im just interested what makes u like to play/work with Metin2

im looking forward for interesting answers.

Regards Loki

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Well I have tried lots of games *other than Metin2 ofc* , and Metin2 was the only game I liked , you'll ask why

I'll tell you because it's simply the most *logical* game I have ever played , and it's balanced between all chars , that's pretty rare.

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 I like metin2 base system and Free attacking system.  Other mmorpgs have high quality graphic and other things. its OK, but dont have a killing,attacking,farming system like a metin2 ^_^ this is my opinion

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I have played metin2 for about 5 years, 3 of them really active. Me and some friends reached nerly everything you can get in this game. Ninja lv94 Sura lv90&93 warrior lv90 and some more really nice charakters. The biggest part of the equipment is sold but the accounts are still ours. But as a friend showed me a server first time, short after rain release in germany, I was interested in doing servers. But I was too young in that time. Some years later i got the chance to sell parts of my .DE equipment for 500 € and rented my first server. So I tried much things and learnd a lot and also launched some servers.


King regards,



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I have to admit I was the worst player ever (xD). Searching for cheats, I found a lot of stuff related to "making a private server" and I thought "Why not?".

Since it, the more I learned the more I wanted to know and today I'm here.

I'm not the best developer (or even a good one), but I learned so many things and made some many friends that is hard to say goodbye.



Sorry for my (extremely) bad english



Pay no heed to my English ;)

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