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Imer's Game lib causing Enchant Change bug :O



Hey, I've implemented Imer's game lib to allow for several extra functions which i required for a new system that I developed within my server which is on 34k, cores from the untouched 34k released here.
Unfortunately it has just come to my attention that whilst the lib is implemented i can't change any bonus on any non-GM character :/
i believe its due to the configure file as over on his post it states it gets changed into seconds. i removed everything in the configure besides what i actually needed but that didn't work so here's the original configure. i ran a test where i stopped it loading in and in that instance it fixed the problem but it's the lib is critical to one of my systems, unless i can find another way in which to decrease peoples levels via a quest.

change_attr time is in seconds and modifiable via config

enable: 1
limit: 25
#only add score for player targets
playeronly: 1
scoreadd-threshold: 35
autobanscore: 10
autobanreason: "Kickhack"
# seconds
score-decay: 600
enable: 1
enable: 1
# multiple race flags
enable: 1
# GiveExp - limit to 1.3% from level 100 and up
enable: 1
priv_empire_max_rate: 1000
# POINT_MALL_ATTBONUS -> old attack +x% behaviour
64: 114
change_attr_time: 1
guild_offer_at_max_level: 1
npc2: 1
item2: 1
pc2: 1
account-db: "account"


Thanks guys!

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