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Vanilla view_Equipment function



Hello everyone

i m having that problem with vanilla core 2.4   

when i m using the function enabled with "view_inventory: 1"

i CAN see the inventory of the other players ,due to the fact that a person , important of this forum made for me 
the  uitarget.py 
ingame i m able to see the players inventory pressing on that button...
but in the exactly moment i press it and i see the inventory... i got client crash

maybe it s due to the belt system ?
maybe it s due to the difference of level or kingdoms?

this are the syser

the important thing is that:

                                          Unknown packet header: 66, last: 3 99

  1. 0504 19:22:25691 :: Unknown packet header: 241, last: 13 255

    can some one be so nice to help me with that problem? and let see the inventory with no problem?


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Hi inya..now all works a friend made for me a bin, and now no more crash! finally fixed!


i m unable to see the belt 0_0 all inventories except that damn belt equipped

i can see weapon, armor etc etc..but not the belt 0_0

can u teach me how ?

i just did the uitarget.py functions ( well Deniec did it for me, thanks Deniec =) 
i need to know how to make able to see the belt too

i thanks:
Dajubi my friend for bin and thousand of help
Inya for reply
Deniec for uitarget

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Please i m looking for help, with real answer on HOW TO
not explanation why not.

please someone help me " Why with view_equip: 1   i can see all the entire equipment except the belt?"

what should i have to addwrite?

maybe add something here?


def __OnViewEquipment(self):
net.SendChatPacket("/view_equip " + str(self.vid))

what should i have to add? it s on  uitarget

or maybe it s on inventorywindows? 

i should write or change something to make that work?

{"index":EQUIPMENT_START_INDEX+0, "x":39, "y":37, "width":32, "height":64},
{"index":EQUIPMENT_START_INDEX+1, "x":39, "y":2, "width":32, "height":32},
{"index":EQUIPMENT_START_INDEX+2, "x":39, "y":145, "width":32, "height":32},
{"index":EQUIPMENT_START_INDEX+3, "x":75, "y":67, "width":32, "height":32},
{"index":EQUIPMENT_START_INDEX+4, "x":3, "y":3, "width":32, "height":96},
{"index":EQUIPMENT_START_INDEX+5, "x":114, "y":67, "width":32, "height":32},
{"index":EQUIPMENT_START_INDEX+6, "x":114, "y":35, "width":32, "height":32},
{"index":EQUIPMENT_START_INDEX+7, "x":2, "y":145, "width":32, "height":32},
{"index":EQUIPMENT_START_INDEX+8, "x":75, "y":145, "width":32, "height":32},
{"index":EQUIPMENT_START_INDEX+9, "x":114, "y":2, "width":32, "height":32},
{"index":EQUIPMENT_START_INDEX+10, "x":75, "y":35, "width":32, "height":32},
{"index":item.EQUIPMENT_BELT, "x":39, "y":106, "width":32, "height":32},                   <-------------- maybe here? 

ALL work 100% i can see all except that damn belt
please help


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It s an help thread...
so please or u like help people or dont spam with message for make me flame
go on epvp for that, they like really a lot fight with messages

i m just asking help 

"how can i let the belt see with view equip?"

i can see all except it

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I never tested the view equip but I think it shows you only the main equipment,if you want to see the belt + main equip you need to edit the function on game file/binary.

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Thank u Denic, atleast you are the only one who helped me for uitarget and this answer
but can i please ask u the favour to be a little bit clear

because i m using vanilla core2.4   4_inv
what do u mean for that?
,if you want to see the belt + main equip you need to edit the function on game file/binary.

Should i have to edit the source? or just the bin ( launcher)?


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