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[HowTo]Add Armours Weapons Mobs Maps ?



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That question is too generic, I think nobody has ever written a guide covering all of that to be honest.


Being more specific would help.

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Im sorry, but these are things you have to lern by doint. You have to find locations of files by yourself and understand how they work together. Explore the client & server.


I can help you to understand somethings but nobody can give you a master key for those things because if you get errors you mostly have to fixx them alone.


Some tips:


1. Maps: there are 2 files in client which are setting the clientside mapname  & coordinates "atlasinfo.txt". You can find them in root & locale_xx dictionary.

You also have to put the same name/coordinates into the serverside folder which you can find in locale/map (there you have to paste the mapfile and put the name into a list located there too(map_list? idk atm). In those list you have to define a number for the map which you can allow in the CONFIG files of the cores. After a reboot you will be able to join the map.


2.Mobs are located in Monster&Monster2 in the client. You have to know how mob_proto works. You also have to put the mob into npc_list in root & give them a value. Same serverside in mob_proto


Note: These things are really basically and easy. If you really want to learn all those things you have to work a lot more.


If you are able to do those easy things you can ask for more.



King regards,



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