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  1. thanks for advices hmmm awesome but it will get on me harder it would be good if video tutorial or codes on here
  2. static? what is that how its working and the dlls and other files the binary wants is will be embedded into binary?
  3. actually im really not interest for protect so im on this subject that clean client and dll with embeded binary therefore opened this topic also i need learn embed from source anyone can teach us? btw what is molebox lastest version so i cant arrive to their site
  4. yes but why this forum opened can you do reasoning? so enigma seen virus from protectors also at least u could suggest to molebox anyway thanks for advice but also im searching embed from source lol very high moneys
  5. hey friends i wanna learn how can we embed dll or others files into binary with source both without source from 3. party softwares anyone can teach us?
  6. haha its obsession of turks and also idol worship lol just funny
  7. hey friends i have bug example when use dash or when wear hp bonuses item its owerflow hp/sp i cant found any solution about hp/sp owerlow even the topics i found did not work on martysama source is there any way to fix this bug
  8. yes friend i did this you talking about this command sysrc mysql_args="--bind-address=" but not worked for me can u come with teamviewer please
  9. i have same problem please help me

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