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compile game error



hi, when im trying to compile game it comes an error with cryptopp, gcc49 installed but i don t know what to do.. im new in this things and im trying to learn those things.. thank u

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Hello, actually i'm tryiying to update my src around 1 year and today i finish :)!, this problem for me, is coming to Extern, sometime ins wrong, i recommend you, using a this vdi 

And using BlackDragon61 guide to gcc (i think you use this guide), change gcc7 to gcc10 and g++10 and c++17 or 11 (i'm using 11)

and you can use extern and cryptoPP about this vdi because is actually if you have other problem tell me, sorry my english :)




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thank u for makin time for responding, i solved it, didn t had the extern in src and i put it and now it s working.. im new and tryin to learn all haha, again thank u so much ❤️

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