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Gotta check on char_affect.cpp for IS_NO_CLEAR_ON_DEATH_AFFECT, and add the buffs you want to stay after the character's death. Be aware that in this case, the buffs will stay on even in PvP. If you wanna avoid that, on the top of my head, you could do this:

go on char_battle.cpp and search for ClearAffect(true); in void CHARACTER::Dead(LPCHARACTER pkKiller, bool bImmediateDead) and edit the line like this:

if (pkKiller && IsPC())
	ClearAffect(true, true);
	ClearAffect(true, false);

then edit void CHARACTER::ClearAffect(bool bSave) in char_affect.cpp into:

void CHARACTER::ClearAffect(bool bSave, bool bIsPC)

then in the function check for while (it != m_list_pkAffect.end()) and edit like this:

	while (it != m_list_pkAffect.end())
		CAffect * pkAff = *it;

		if (bSave)
				if ( IS_NO_CLEAR_ON_DEATH_AFFECT_PC(pkAff->dwType) || 
				IS_NO_SAVE_AFFECT(pkAff->dwType)) //add the others that you might previously have had
			else if(!bIsPC)
				if ( IS_NO_CLEAR_ON_DEATH_AFFECT(pkAff->dwType) || 
				IS_NO_SAVE_AFFECT(pkAff->dwType)) //add the others that you might previously have had
			if (IsPC())
				SendAffectRemovePacket(GetDesc(), GetPlayerID(), pkAff->dwType, pkAff->bApplyOn, pkAff->dwFlag);
		ComputeAffect(pkAff, false);

		it = m_list_pkAffect.erase(it);

	if (afOld != m_afAffectFlag ||
			wMovSpd != GetPoint(POINT_MOV_SPEED) ||
			wAttSpd != GetPoint(POINT_ATT_SPEED))


	if (m_list_pkAffect.empty())

Copy IS_NO_CLEAR_ON_DEATH_AFFECT into a new line and edit the name into IS_NO_CLEAR_ON_DEATH_AFFECT_PC where you remove the buffs that you want to remove in PvP.

And finally, edit the function in char.h:

void			ClearAffect(bool bSave=false, bool bIsPC = false);



might also wanna check where ClearAffect is used and edit as you see fit

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I've edited the ClearAffect function the way you said. (it was already did btw, but tried with your solution) and the problem is the same, when i die it disappears from the corner, but if i get up and unequip my armor i get it back. so on ChangeArmor it gets back.

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