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Non-existent map - teleport



Hi, does anyone know how to teleport someone to m1 when the map doesn't exist? Usually, it throws the character to the login screen when someone tries to enter a non-existent map.

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input_db.cpp search this:

        sys_err("InputDB::PlayerLoad : cannot find valid location %d x %d (name: %s)", pTab->x, pTab->y, pTab->name);


Change it to:

        sys_err("InputDB::PlayerLoad : cannot find valid location %d x %d (name: %s)", pTab->x, pTab->y, pTab->name);
        lMapIndex = EMPIRE_START_MAP(d->GetAccountTable().bEmpire);
        pos.x = EMPIRE_START_X(d->GetAccountTable().bEmpire);
        pos.y = EMPIRE_START_Y(d->GetAccountTable().bEmpire);
        // d->SetPhase(PHASE_CLOSE);
        // return;


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