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I get novaline source build error



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Use this, it is gold even to this day:


You'll probably get kicked after login if you use novaline.

In that case, use mainline for db,game. (You can use novaline for clientside, it's ok and mainline don't have clientside)

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3 hours ago, TMP4 said:

Bunu kullanın, bugüne kadar bile altın:


Novaline kullanırsanız muhtemelen giriş yaptıktan sonra tekmeleyeceksiniz.

Bu durumda, db, game için mainline kullanın. (Müşteriler için novalin kullanabilirsiniz, tamam ve ana hattın müşteri tarafı yok)

I know that many problems have been closed in novaline. I'm undecided now :////////////////////////////////////////////////////

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Can you give an example?

I have not heard about it yet to they would be much different.


Anyway use that extern and makefile and build a novaline for yourself, test it out if it'll kick or not. 

If so, you can use mainline :) 

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Posted (edited)

Actually, I haven't tested it myself, I just heard from a few (supposedly good) forums. In general, I did not edit any source files from scratch. I have low knowledge about this. I will use the game source file mainline on your recommendation. What would you suggest to use as a client?


3 saat önce, TMP4 dedi ki:

Bir örnek verebilir misin?

Henüz duymadım, çok farklıydı.


Onu neyse, bu extern ve makefile kullanın ve kendiniz için bir novaline kullanın, tekme olup olmadığını test edin. 

Eğer öyleyse, ana hattı gerektirir :) 


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7 hours ago, vedat1089 said:


Hello novaline source installed i get an error when compiling what is the solution



linking ../game_r40020....
/usr/bin/ld: cannot find -lthecore



Try adding LIBDIR += -L/usr/local/lib/mysql into your makefile.

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