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Drop items from table but remove that item when someone droped



Hi. Someone knows how to make quest with drop few items from table but when somebody droped item no one can drop the same item. I mean i have table with items id 19, 29, 39, 49, 59 when somebody drop item with id 29 nobody else can drop that item. 

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Posted (edited)

I don't reccomend to open a text file every time and delete from it, we have eventflags for that.

quest m2dev begin
    state start begin
        when 101.kill begin
             if get_game.get_event_flag("drop1") == 0 and math.random(100) >= 50 then
                 game.drop_item_with_ownership(19, 1)
                 game.set_event_flag("drop1", 1)
             if get_game.get_event_flag("drop2") == 0 and math.random(100) >= 50 then
                 game.drop_item_with_ownership(149, 1)
                 game.set_event_flag("drop2", 1)
            if get_game.get_event_flag("drop3") == 0 and math.random(100) >= 50 then
                 game.drop_item_with_ownership(279, 1)
                 game.set_event_flag("drop3", 1)

math.random(100) >= 50 <-- This is the chance, so it will generate a number up to 100 and if it 50 or greater, it will drop. So basicly 50% chance.


If you want re-enable a drop, write "/e drop1 0" with a GM character for re-enabling drop1.

You can re-enable with a quest too game.set_event_flag("drop1", 0)

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