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solved Automated messages with time cycle


i know that this is allready public but not like i want ^_^ and i need a solution for
automated messages from the system with a time cycle i would like C++ Code and i realy would love it
if i can write the messages over account.news from my database ! that would be awesome

Example System Message over MySQL:

1.) Dont Feed the Yang Sellers // message at 4 PM
2.) Dont Hesistate to ask Question and such sort of stuff... // message to the community at 9 PM

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quest timer_notice begin
	state start begin
		when login begin
		-- Tips notice
		when tips_notice.timer begin
			table.insert(phrases,"Info: Search shop (F11) / Switchboot (F10)") -- alternative syntax
			notice("Info: ", phrases[math.random(table.getn(phrases))]) 

For germany/notice/tips_text.lua

phrases = 
	"You can reset your skills from the general store.", 
	"The event calendar can be read from the patcher.",

Lua script. The text from tips_text.lua can be changed with server online. Just write or remove something.

Better than a mysql query.

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Thank you , yeah its better then a mysql query thank you that u made it for me. :)

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