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  1. Good job, looks very good
  2. Frozen

    Pet Quest

    Try this one: quest nowe_pety begin state start begin function get_pet_info(itemVnum) local pet_info_map = { [1500] = {33011, "Misio", 0} } return pet_info_map[tonumber(itemVnum)] end function get_spawn_effect_file(idx) local effect_table = { [0] = nil, [1] = "d:\\\\ymir work\\\\effect\\\\etc\\\\appear_die\\\\npc2_appear.mse" } return effect_table [idx] end when 1500.use begin local pet_info = pet_system.get_pet_info(item.get_vnum()) if nil != pet_info then local mobVnum = pet_info[1] local petName = pet_info[2] local spawn_effect_file_name = pet_system.get_spawn_effect_file(pet_info[3]) if pet.is_summon(mobVnum) then if spawn_effect_file_name != nil then pet.spawn_effect (mobVnum, spawn_effect_file_name) end pet.unsummon(mobVnum) else if pet.count_summoned() < 1 or pc.is_gm() then pet.summon(mobVnum, " ".. petName, false) else syschat("Nie możesz przywołać kilku zwierzaków.") end if spawn_effect_file_name != nil then pet.spawn_effect(mobVnum, spawn_effect_file_name) end end end end end end
  3. Hey guys, so there is a thing that really annoys when loggin in to a closed server.. whenever i try to cancel loggin in, the Processing Popup closes, but the popup with the error still appears after a few seconds... So here is how you stop it from appearing: Open intrologin.py Add somewhere in __init__ function: self.isLoginCanceled = False Add somewhere in Close function: self.isLoginCanceled = None Search: def OnConnectFailure(self): Search for: if self.isNowCountDown: return Add under: if self.isLoginCanceled: self.isLoginCanceled = False return Search: def Connect(self, id, pwd): Search this: self.stream.popupWindow.Open(localeInfo.LOGIN_CONNETING, localeInfo.UI_CANCEL) Replace with: self.stream.popupWindow.Open(localeInfo.LOGIN_CONNETING, self.OnProcessingCancel, localeInfo.UI_CANCEL) Add under the Connect function this: def OnProcessingCancel(self): self.isLoginCanceled = True self.stream.popupWindow.Close() Save, and its done. I know this is useless and easy to make but its meant to the people who find it anoying and dont know how to solve. Kind Regards, Frozen
  4. This has not to do with experience, he wants to save time by not doing it all over again...
  5. Show us you OnRender function please, in IntroSelect.py
  6. Yes there is actually a function made by pacificador a long time ago, it is good too, both do almost the same.. I just tried to make my own function and add some new features. Thanks for the tip i will edit Kind Regards
  7. There is not "vertical_align" : "left" , only center or bottom so or erase it or change it to one of these. Kind Regards
  8. No problem Im glad i helped. Thanks, no problem you gave the idea . Kind Regards
  9. Hello guys, i made a simple function that allows you to easily manage files. This function let you create, read, write, rewrite or erase lines of text or the hole text. Examples on how to use it: Here is the function: Aditional Information: You can put in line "all" , and the function will erase/add/rewrite all lines. You can put in line "-1" and it will count as the last line of the file. Types: "add", "create", "erase", "rewrite" and "read". I hope it will be usefull , Kind Regards, Frozen
  10. find where dll you are searching for is beeing called and there should be something like this: "example.dll" and change to "folder/example.dll". I think is just that.
  11. Hello, does somewone know how to load uiscripts from a python loader? Everytime i try to run a uiscript, it runs but nothing appears in screen. But if i call the IsShow() function it tells me that the window is show. Anywone have any idea how to make it work? Thanks for the attention, Kind Regards I didnt mean to spam the button was stuck i just clicked a few times D: the page was loading and nothing was appearing and i dont know how to delete topics im really sorry.
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