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  1. nothing , just saying , here a proof so u cant say its a photoshopped photo. so i cant play if i want, maybe other have the same. https://streamable.com/js2gf8 gl with server !
  2. thats doesnt have nothing to do with source, open putty run ifconfig copy ur IP server and replace it in serverfile/CH1./core1/ CONFIG BIND_IP: ur server ip. PUBLIC_IP: ur server ip. INTERNAL_IP: ur server ip.
  3. First u need the IsLowGM function. //char.cpp add under BOOL CHARACTER::IsGM() const this BOOL CHARACTER::IsLowGM() const { return m_pointsInstant.gm_level > GM_PLAYER && m_pointsInstant.gm_level > GM_HIGH_WIZARD && m_pointsInstant.gm_level < GM_IMPLEMENTOR; } //char.h add under BOOL IsGM() const; this BOOL IsLowGM() const; now let's restrict some actions for GM //char.cpp void CHARACTER::PartyInvite(LPCHARACTER pchInvitee) add under else if (pchInvitee->IsBlockMode(BLOCK_PARTY_INVITE)) { ChatPacket(CHAT_TYPE_INFO, LC_TEXT("<ÆÄƼ> %s
  4. u can restrict GM without a sql query.....? e.g 1 of them.. bool CHARACTER::ExchangeStart(LPCHARACTER victim) { ... if (!IsLowGM() && victim->IsLowGM()) { ChatPacket(CHAT_TYPE_INFO, LC_TEXT("You cannot trade items with a Game Master.")); return false; } if (IsLowGM() && !victim->IsLowGM()) { ChatPacket(CHAT_TYPE_INFO, LC_TEXT("Game Masters cannot trade items with players.")); return false; } ... } u dont need to restrict all GM grade , but if u want.. just change IsLowGM >> IsGM
  5. i not sure but might be weak the protection against ddos , due to some research. Rubinum planted to open server on 22-05, but someone ddos them and they had to delayed the opened. and they had say "unexpected hardware issues have occurred" and is not opened yet, after some hours they say "currently we are still working on the situation in order to avoid attacks that can still occur" if this is a proof of OvH management against Ddos attacks..yeah i can say they are weak ? or maybe it's Rubinum fault ?
  6. i think is just rumors, let's take some servers online for some years, and yeah might be just a "rumor", ...they are still online. P.S : Sorry for this info but i'm not the only one who can find this✌?️
  7. def Enable(self): pass #wndMgr.Enable(self.hWnd) def Disable(self): pass #wndMgr.Disable(self.hWnd) try this , seems u dont have self.hWnd or import this maybe will work ? https://www.paste.tc/EWMDR8OTVW
  8. just press download and the video will play in browser https://filebin.net/ewh3ltf0v54l8hpf/bandicam_2020-05-18_21-08-15-082.mp4 see debug log when the BINARY_NEW_AddAffect 20 0 0 4 come but after Remove Affect 20 0 come with a delay thats remove the effect of 2 th skill so i think thats the problem. PythonNetworkStreamPhaseGame.cpp BINARY_NEW_AddAffect bool CPythonNetworkStream::RecvAffectAddPacket() { TPacketGCAffectAdd kAffectAdd; if (!Recv(sizeof(kAffectAdd), &kAffectAdd)) return false; TPacketAffectElement & rkElement = kAffectAd
  9. "also present on all servers" thats literally a NO, there are many who already showed they didnt have this problem me either. i can say just to check the animation with dragon. maybe that animation into a conflict with skill animation and can be a visual bug.
  10. He already fixed this long time ago But what about Encoding, cus in his commit is nothing about this ? $mail->Encoding = 'base64';
  11. I advice u to remove this photo, due to GF & Webzen/Ymir logo they can close ur domain? in this days are to many guys who report websites directly to GF facebook ? Good Luck .
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