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  1. Asterix

    Granny Converter

    Link dead
  2. Asterix

    Forever Metin2

    I am mapper and 3d export from italy. I can help you @Asso
  3. Hi, I have a small problem with a new bonus. The bonus is correctly implemented and works in the specialty system (I attach screen after). But I can't insert it as a fixed bonus on the items. common/length.h #ifdef ENABLE_NEW_SKYRIS_BONUS_TYPE APPLY_PSB_UNBREAKABLE_DEFENSE = 101, APPLY_PSB_REMOVE_GOOD_AFFECT, APPLY_RES_PHYSICAL_ATTACK, APPLY_RES_MAGICAL_ATTACK , APPLY_PHYSICAL_DAMAGE, APPLY_MAGICAL_DAMAGE, APPLY_STR_PCT, APPLY_DEX_PCT, APPLY_CON_PCT, APPLY_INT_PCT, APPLY_PSB_ABSORB_DAMAGE, APPLY_PSB_REFLECT_TOTAL_DAMAGE, APPLY_PSB_BREAK_DEFENSE_AFFECT, APPLY_RES_MOB,
  4. your skype or discord?


  5. Hi! Thanks for the relaese. I have a request for you. Is possible do the tool for granny 2.4? I will be very happy
  6. Uh, many thanks to Ikarus! In a hurry, I did not block the attribute at point 0.0. So remember to block the 0,0 point! Thanks again.
  7. Other test: I used the coordinates of an already existing map of the same dimensions, obviously removing it from the cores. No results, always 0,0. Syslog empty
  8. Yes of course, i used space between x and y in town.txt
  9. Server Part metin2_map_infinitymonkey.rar Setting.txt ScriptType MapSetting CellScale 200 HeightScale 0.500000 ViewRadius 128 MapSize 3 4 BasePosition 563200 870400 TextureSet textureset\infinitymonkey.txt Environment infinity_monkey.msenv 640 104 Town.txt
  10. Hello everyone, I have a small problem. I made a map with the WE, and then generated the server.attr from the tool. I set the x, y coordinates multiple of 256, as it should normally be. And I already checked that the coordinates are not in collision. But when I transfer, the server does not read the coordinates from the town.txt, in fact it continues to bring me in the 0,0 coordinates. What should I do?
  11. Thank you. But I have a strange problem, after doing the dungeon I can not do it again. If I restart the server yes. I'm glad you've improved so much! I saw some post of yours, congratulations. In the end you're always a Messinese like me. Do not remember? I do not understand why I'm not accepted on skype but ok.
  12. I have a problem. when 5126.kill or 5156.kill begin notice_multiline("Uccidendo i mostri potrai trovare l'item Meccanismo Segreto",d.notice_big) notice_multiline("Se non riuscirai a trovarlo dovrai reiniziare il dungeon!",d.notice_big) if pc.count_item(57096) >= 1 then d.kill_all() notice_multiline("Hai trovato Meccanismo segreto!",d.notice_big) notice_multiline("Tra 30 secondi verrai riportato nel labirinto!",d.notice_big) timer("end_monkey1",30) end if pc.count_item(57096) == 0 then notice_multiline("Non hai ancora trovato Meccanismo segreto",d.notice_b
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