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  1. My respects, many years ago I did not see a post from you! His designs are impressive.
  2. Sorry friend, has been created by us without knowing that it had simulation with yours, I can show the psd of it with all the layers created by me, you should know that most of the clients come with some design example for their jobs . Excuse me in advance. My design was created on 04/05/2018, but published on 12/4/2018. Ups. Actually, my intention is not to create controversy. Each designer is responsible for their actions. Bump. King regards.
  3. Sure. https://mega.nz/#!5MsDlIRa!m_5fb2bGpNzZp7_gKNDy7nLBeenvTA7YaF8nzKX7mvU Interface design edited by me. https://mega.nz/#!5MkCEKCI!E7wrtBFf1NWVySCA1lU8W1BATy8ZugfLTqq4k2xL5Eg Kind regards.
  4. Thank you friend, happy and prosperous, or new to the whole community.
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