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  1. Hi. I found problem. When i make wedding it works only on ch99(messenger list, love points), on other cores i don't see family tab in messenger list, love points, teleportation from ring works well. After server reboot wedding works on all cores. Any ideas?
  2. Hi, which is different between that 2 functions from questmanager? Can someone explain?
  3. Hi, someone can tell me how to add animated sash? I tried add them like animated costume weapon + playersettingmodule chrmgr.RegisterEffect(chrmgr.EFFECT_REFINED+118, "Bip01", "D:/ymir work/acce/orim_acce_slash_eff_10.mse") but it doesn't work. Any ideas?
  4. Hi. Someone knows how to make quest with drop few items from table but when somebody droped item no one can drop the same item. I mean i have table with items id 19, 29, 39, 49, 59 when somebody drop item with id 29 nobody else can drop that item.
  5. Hi, somebody know how to enable add item to mall safebox?
  6. Version of Files : source Hello. I noticed that i have random unknown packet header error like Unknown packet header: 144, last: 76 16 What does it exactly mean? How can i find where is the problem. I checked packet.h client/server and i didn't noticed differcences. Can someone explain me how can i fix that random crashes?
  7. @.plechito' missing effect textures
  8. @.plechito' missing effect textures
  9. @.plechito' missing effect textures
  10. Fixed, JUST ADDED legacy_stdio_definitions.lib in linker option. xD
  11. I didn't had extern folders linked in vc++ directories. I just added them now, try rebuild solution and the same error. Idk why if before format source was good. Maybe something missing in vs or idk. ///FIXED JUST ADDED legacy_stdio_definitions.lib in linker option. xD
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