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  1. Hello There, As title says so, im Getting ???? error and client crash while teleporting from one map to another No Syserr both in client or server side This makes me confused i tried in debug mode but cant find the error when i use 2 windows too this happens much Hope i get help Regards Hawk
  2. I need help with this VIP system i tried earlier it was working but GM is treated as GM and he cant be attacked even with PK protected removed and also he can use / n or /b which is weird So Can you ppl sort it out this issue and give us the best VIP sytem with quest and source
  3. This link for pumpkin.dds is not working and this barrel is really awesome
  4. thanks for you reply i will show you in video in pm
  5. Hello guys, I got a problem that in map 1 the quest blink NPCs but when i teleport to some other map its blinking in that 2nd map too.. Anyone know how to solve it ? i post the screenshot here. http://prntscr.com/kors4f Hope i get solution thanks in advance
  6. Hi there, As title says so I made a model in 3ds max but when i export gr2 with texture only 1 texture applied and i used flatten mapping for texture and converted to dds yet model is with i expected i need some tutor to solve this.. Any volunteers?
  7. Hi there nice system i installed but when i click destroy its not deleting from inventory no sys err both client side and server side.. anyone?
  8. those uiwiki.py itself i need to link or connect can u tell me how ? i know this to link like .SetText(localeInfo.XXXX_YYYY) But how to make it call from different locale Like locale_en or locale_de ??
  9. guys any one say how can i make seperate wiki for different languages ?
  10. Thanks for this system just little error that when u click item board and click a sword +0 and come back to some option say weapon its showing like this http://prntscr.com/ha72we
  11. thankyou very much guys i appreciate this
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