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  1. M2 Download Center Download Here ( Internal ) guide: https://paste2.org/JDMI1xeE icons: https://www.dosyaupload.com/ohxZ vt: https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file...TlkZGVkNWQxODEzZDE6MTU5ODE4NTE0NA==/detection
  2. Why do you insult turkey? is it the blame of turks? go and get some respect. OT: rude.
  3. void CPetActor::SetName() { char buf[64]; if (0 != m_pkOwner && 0 != m_pkOwner->GetName()) snprintf(buf, sizeof(buf), "%s - %s", m_pkOwner->GetName(), m_pkChar->GetMobTable().szLocaleName); else snprintf(buf, sizeof(buf), "%s", m_pkChar->GetMobTable().szLocaleName); if (true == IsSummoned()) m_pkChar->SetName(buf); m_name = buf; }
  4. That's not the point. I need the mouse wheel down and mouse wheel up event.
  5. Is there anyone who can share the necessary codes for the mouse wheel up or mouse wheel down? @VegaS™
  6. I don't know when you made this mistake. I think it's random.
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