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  1. WPE- Winsock packet editor http://www.packeteditor.com/?call=61626F7574
  2. Use this select query in input_auth, you need select the ID.. I'm not sure how ( i did not checked whole matrix_card logic) . Input_auth.cpp "SELECT id, PASSWORD('%s'), password, social_id, status, availDt - NOW() > 0," db.cpp { if (!row[col]) { sys_err("error column %d", col); M2_DELETE(pinfo); break; } DWORD dwID = 0; str_to_number(dwID, row[col++]); }
  3. Not tested, wrote from phone. def Block(self, slot, map, vnum): item_vnum = player.GetItemIndex(slot) item.SelectItem(item_vnum) if (background.GetCurrentMapName() == str(map_name)) and (item_vnum == int(vnum)): chat.AppendChat(chat.CHAT_TYPE_INFO, "#error 33121") return def __UseItem(self, slotIndex): self.Block(slotIndex, "metin2_map_c1", 19) It might be extended to other functions, but thats basic
  4. def Close(self): chat.ClearWhisper(self.targetName) if app.ENABLE_WHISPER_RENEWAL: if self.targetName and whisper.IsSended(self.targetName) and len(self.targetName) > 0: whisper.Remove(self.targetName)
  5. Amazing Looks like there are few bugs at building devIL https://prnt.sc/tssi7n
  6. AHHH, well.. i will check when i am back home.. U are right, i am driving right now xD :::: You can just set a fake unique map, on each channel core1 btw
  7. local ch1_core1_on = pc.is_map_alive(41) -- Check a map from ch1_core1 local ch1_core2_on = pc.is_map_alive(100) --Check a map from ch1_core2 local ch2_core1_on = pc.is_map_alive(200) --Check a map from ch2_core1 if ch1_core1_on then say("ch1_core1_online") end if ch1_core1_on and ch1_core2_on then say("Whole ch1 is on") end Check how it should look a whole chanel online/offline.. Or you can check just core1 As you wish And btw, u should rename is_ And you set an unique map, without any usage in client.. in each channel core 1
  8. just read over and over what i wrote, you can't check a whole channel.. Because a channel is made from cores.. If you want to check only ch99, identify some maps on all cores from ch99 and do the checks as i said above What if you get a crash on a single core? on ch99.. you can't read the status of whole channel.
  9. You have a quick method here, first of all identify a map on that channel. This method only checks a respective core, if you have a channel on the cores. int pc_is_map_alive(lua_State* L) { LPCHARACTER ch = CQuestManager::Instance().GetCurrentCharacterPtr(); lua_pushboolean(L, map_allow_find(lua_tonumber(L, 1))); return 1; } {"is_map_alive", pc_is_map_alive}, I think is better to check if a core is up/down because when u get crash it won't crash whole channel usage : local channel = pc.is_map_alive(41) or pc.is_map_alive(100) -- map 41 , check core 1 -- map 100, che
  10. // Search char_item.cpp if (item1->EquipTo(this, bEquipCell)) item2->AddToCharacter(this, TItemPos(INVENTORY, bInvenCell)); else sys_err("SwapItem cannot equip %s! item1 %s", item2->GetName(), item1->GetName()); Replace if (item1->EquipTo(this, bEquipCell)) { item2->AddToCharacter(this, TItemPos(INVENTORY, bInvenCell)); item2->ModifyPoints(false); ComputePoints(); } else { sys_err("SwapItem cannot equip %s! item1 %s", item2->GetName(), item1->GetName()); } I am not sure if it's the same bug i had few years ago, but looke
  11. I told you what to do, if you are not able to do it just ask your host company to do it. Just read over and over my message... If you have 5.6 and there's no my.cnf then creare a black my.cnf in usr/locale/ Mysql 5.6 /usr/local/ [mysqld] sql_mode= mysql 5.7, edit the existing on usr/local/etc/mysql/ [mysqld] sql-mode= Be careful at underscores AND RESET MYSQL SERVER
  12. For mysql 5.7 + usr/local/etc/mysql/my.cnf Add: [mysqld] sql-mode = For mysql 5.6 - usr/local/my.cnf Change existing sql-mode to: [mysqld] sql-mode= In both cases leave sql mode empty, just with = Restart mysql server Then run mysql_upgrade
  13. Yes it'f fix for this This bug happend only if you are GM anyway, just use 2 characters that are not gm..
  14. With FPS increased.. - Without dogs, the lag is less.. it move better, i reached 250 fps - Spawned 500 wild dogs, after few seconds 5 seconds or fps drops to 7-8.. and start to lag a bit Wihtout FPS increased.. - Without dogs, the lag is okay.. but better with fps increased.. fps exactly 60 - Spawned 500 wild dogs, after few 5 seconds fps drops to 10-12, and don't make any lag So, with FPS increasted i guess is better when there are no soo many entitys around you.. i don't think is worth enough, it's good but it needs more adjustments.. Like effects
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