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  1. Bro why are u so fkn dumb? Read the fucking text and stop asking "ehh was it the owner?" YES HE WAS. U ask the same question again and again and u already got the answer, wtf They got him cause he make dumb things with his money what cant be normal while getting Hartz4, thats how they fuck them. Hes dumb af and he thought no one can stop him and now he lost everything.
  2. I make this with all LC_TEXT i made because i dont like to do it in english as lc_text and translate it to german in locale_string. The "saito" does not belong to the whole string it doesnt mean that i make the system (at this point, i write the code by myself.. xd), its only a thing i made on all lc_text wich i add to the game by myself to know on this position, that i write it there and if theres a problem, i know its my fault then xd, im sorry I think its better to do it only in source. It makes no sense to do it in lua or python + lua + source. But ymir ne
  3. better like this: #ifdef __WEBZEN_CHANNEL_REMINDER__ if (ch->IsPC()) { if (g_bChannel >= 1 && g_bChannel <= 8) { ch->ChatPacket(CHAT_TYPE_INFO, LC_TEXT("SAITO_CHANNEL_REMINDER %d"), g_bChannel); } else { ch->ChatPacket(CHAT_TYPE_INFO, LC_TEXT("SAITO_CHANNEL_REMINDER_GAME99")); } } #endif
  4. make the "elif itemVnum ....." ABOVE the "if app.WJ_ENABLE_TRADABLE_ICON: self.Refresh....."
  5. Anyone know how to add the white slot mark on items wich are soulbinded? Cant find the right file to add it correctly.. :/
  6. As i said, it doesnt work for me. I tried everything in uiinventory but nothing works. The uitaskbar part from page 1 works for taskbar fine, but inventory doesnt. (Ps: i have sash and item highlights installed. May it has problems with sash highlight system? UPDATE! now it works. For everyone who have problems with it, i bet u guy have sash installed. Do it like this in uiinventory: it works for me now perfectly, Sash active slots still works grate too, no conflicts with it. CAREFULL! If you copied my code, you need to edit metinSocket[2] !! I make
  7. Should have bugs when u use emotes. Equip an pencil and try emotes, u will se the emote command in chat.
  8. still doesnt work, i tried 4 different positions in uiinventory, nothing happend. Only taskbar works.
  9. yeah its right, i already fixed it by my self this way, forgot to post it here
  10. Can you post the code for this: When you die you will not have any negative life, but 0 ?
  11. questlua_global.cpp in: int _notice_all add this line: p.bIsBig = false; enjoy
  12. Then u do something wrong. I add this for my own pendant system and it works fine.
  13. if you trigger core1 an notice_all (quest), you get big_notice in core2! please fix! On same core everything is fine with notice_all. Big notice with /b is fine too on every core, only notice_all across cores makes problems. May there is some questlua_global part missing to give notice_all function false value everytime €dit: i fixed it by my self. As i said, the value "false" was not givin' in the notice_all function in questlua_global. just add them and u good2go.
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