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  1. The item is there. I can't figure out the problem , tried using the file from other serverfiles doesnt help , tried deleting the lines that are giving me errors still doesnt help . idk what to do.
  2. 1)The more I delete the more items that needs to be deleted. 2) I checked few threads about this and they said its not a crashing error so I didnt bother . Thank you I will try it .
  3. So I have maxmi serverfiles with vanilla cores . and I have everything running but when I go to the client and I enter the id and pw it says failed to connect to the server , while if enter a wrong id and pw it says wrong details . thought the ports were the problem , matched them nothing changed . db syserr : SYSERR: Jul 28 16:01:27 :: Process: FDWATCH: peer null in event: ident 21 channel1 syserr: SYSERR: Jul 28 16:01:21 :: load: ANI directory = (null) SYSERR: Jul 28 16:01:24 :: SetShopItems: not enough shop window SYSERR: Jul 28 16:01:24 :: SetShopItems: not enough shop
  4. Hello guys so I modified the locale+item+icon files plus serverfile's item_proto and now the client gets stuck on loading screen any idea how to fix it ? 0720 12:04:22372 :: File "networkModule.py", line 240, in SetGamePhase 0720 12:04:22372 :: File "game.py", line 127, in __init__ 0720 12:04:22372 :: File "interfaceModule.py", line 348, in MakeInterface 0720 12:04:22372 :: File "interfaceModule.py", line 159, in __MakeTaskBar 0720 12:04:22372 :: File "uiTaskBar.py", line 568, in LoadWindow 0720 12:04:22372 :: File "uiTaskBar.py", line 778, in RefreshQuickSlot 0720 12:04
  5. Hello everyone , I have been playing metin2 for almost 10 years now and I got interested in it for so long and in fact im studying computer science in HS (we just did a C# course and that's it ) and I wanted to practice and develop my knowledge about metin2 development as a hobby I guess . so I was wondering if you got any suggestions of any simple files I could use to practice and get to know how to navigate through a metin2 system
  6. May I have your skype to ask you some question when I get stuck ? if you don't mind I would really appreciate it Edit : Thank you so much <3
  7. So after a lot of searches I finally figured out how to do everything but I am facing some errors but my question atm is does the compiler have to be on the same FreeBSD of the serverfiles ? and if anyone is up to help me live please leave ur skype or anything in the replies I would really appreciate it <3
  8. So I am a new developer as you can tell I actually have programming languages background but I need help with Metin2 developing so I am planning on buying a host because after several tries I couldn't follow the tuts on any forums because I always get errors so I decided to buy a host . I am just confused when I look around forums I understand nothing I am trying to find some tuts from scratch but all I find is tuts for advanced people or a follow along tuts which I am not looking forward to because I wanna learn it from scratch until I become good at it to the point that I can read someo
  9. I am trying recently to learn metin2 developing found several tuts but I keep getting errors some I could fix and the other I cant such as : Can anyone help me please (Note: tried upgrading/updating to FreeBSD 10.2 as FreeBSD web said because it doesn't support 9.2 and 9.3 anymore and its still doesnt work ) I would appreciate some help ty Best Regards , BYB
  10. So recently I have learned programming (c# and python) , so I though why not practice a little bit on metin2 and get the hand of it . But the problem is that I can't find much of a details that helps me learn the basic things like what does the VirtualBox help me with either connecting serverfiles to client...etc And the same for the python lib and lua lib that has all of the functions and the commands , I look around I find a lot of experts that code like nothing they know the path for everything they know what VB used for ... all I need some basics to start a private server on my p
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