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  1. DemoroCZ


    Never had problem with seller, got everything i paid for.
  2. DemoroCZ


    Never had problem with seller, got everything i paid for.
  3. Hello, for few weeks, i'm doing my best to solve problem with something i call "Ghost UI". What is the problem? For example, if i warp using quest function pc.warp, and i have Inventory a DSS UI opened right before warp, these UI windows just become invisible. I've tried to find the problem in debug binary, unsuccessfully, i've tried to disable all new UIs, i've tried to just simply check all python files if there is any mistake, i did not find anything.. Did anybody had same problem? If so, how did you fix it? Or where exactly is the problem? Thank you
  4. Could anybody reupload these maps, please?
  5. Hello Devs, some weeks ago, we implemented offline shops to our server, but i have noticed problem - core where are all shops (CH1) randomly crashing (its caused by offline shops, it never crashed before). Does anybody had same problem? Syserr is clean. We have about 250 - 300 offline shops on our server. I already fixed all known exploits (yang duplicating, alpha chars etc..), but i can't find where is problem with crashing. I personally think its something with time limit of offline shops (its crashing much more after restricting shops to only time-limited (after removing permanent option)). I'm already out of ideas.. I can pay for good fix (or just telling me what i should fix, where exactly is the problem). Best regards, DemoroCZ
  6. Hello devs, does anybody know, what is flag "ITEM_SLOW_QUERY" in item_proto? I've tried to find it in source, but i didn't find it. Thanks.
  7. Hello guys I lost these old maps from Ymir (map_b2 and map_c2), but i need them now, could anyone upload these maps for me, please? Best regards, DemoroCZ
  8. Thank you, lowering down map id helped
  9. Hello, i really don't know why, but on my new map, NPCs spawns multiple times, for example, i have only 1 NPC 9012, but it spawns multiple. I'm really out of ideas.. My npc.txt: Screenshot: Best regards, DemoroCZ
  10. Hello, liquiron.com is already off for some time, and i didn't find alternative for their icon DB, so i decided to make a new one. On site are 2 categories: Icons - icons from official game Custom icons - icons uploaded by community, so you can upload your own icon to our database. Design is very simple, thats becouse i'm not good designer. If you have any suggestions, let me know [Hidden Content] Best regards, DemoroCZ
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