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  1. Show us empire_text_convert.cpp and check for CONVERT_EMPIRE_LANGUAGE_ENABLE in constinfo
  2. Have you compiled db too? And be careful at common modifications.
  3. This type of people doesn't deserve to live
  4. Isn't so wow, only useless details added
  5. Wtf dude, i have only one topic here because i am not perfect as you.. i am not developer or something, for me metin2 is just a hobby, if you post something post corectly! Sorry for my english! L.E: i solved myself the problem with taskbar so stfu
  6. this is not good.. is just copy/paste from martysama source, in a normal source this will not work.. this is corect structure for ItemTableFromDb: bool CClientManager::InitializeItemTableSQL() { char query[4096]; snprintf(query, sizeof(query), "SELECT vnum, vnum_range, name, %s, type, subtype, gold, shop_buy_price, weight, size, flag, wearflag, " "antiflag, immuneflag+0, refined_vnum, refine_set, magic_pct, socket_pct, addon_type, " "limittype0, limitvalue0, limittype1, limitvalue1, " "applytype0, applyvalue0, applytype1, applyvalue1, applytype2, applyvalue2, " "value0, va
  7. Your problem is in item_proto and msm, or you forget to add the costume patch in your pack or your granny version is too old.. or you are too dumb
  8. Hello guys, i work on a clean serverfiles and i implement illumina interface but i have a problem with taskbar.. i need help to fix that or another illumina taskbar.. The problem is I can not click on the marked area: here is my uitaskbar.py: https://pastebin.com/ra1DJarR sorry for my bad english and i thank you for try to help me, best regards Titan
  9. Just delete the game.py function
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