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  1. Show us empire_text_convert.cpp and check for CONVERT_EMPIRE_LANGUAGE_ENABLE in constinfo
  2. Have you compiled db too? And be careful at common modifications.
  3. Isn't so wow, only useless details added
  4. Wtf dude, i have only one topic here because i am not perfect as you.. i am not developer or something, for me metin2 is just a hobby, if you post something post corectly! Sorry for my english! L.E: i solved myself the problem with taskbar so stfu
  5. this is not good.. is just copy/paste from martysama source, in a normal source this will not work.. this is corect structure for ItemTableFromDb: bool CClientManager::InitializeItemTableSQL() { char query[4096]; snprintf(query, sizeof(query), "SELECT vnum, vnum_range, name, %s, type, subtype, gold, shop_buy_price, weight, size, flag, wearflag, " "antiflag, immuneflag+0, refined_vnum, refine_set, magic_pct, socket_pct, addon_type, " "limittype0, limitvalue0, limittype1, limitvalue1, " "applytype0, applyvalue0, applytype1, applyvalue1, applytype2, applyvalue2, " "value0, va
  6. Your problem is in item_proto and msm, or you forget to add the costume patch in your pack or your granny version is too old.. or you are too dumb
  7. Hello guys, i work on a clean serverfiles and i implement illumina interface but i have a problem with taskbar.. i need help to fix that or another illumina taskbar.. The problem is I can not click on the marked area: here is my uitaskbar.py: https://pastebin.com/ra1DJarR sorry for my bad english and i thank you for try to help me, best regards Titan
  8. Just delete the game.py function
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