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  1. In char_item.cpp, search: if (iWearCell < 0) return false; Add under: if (iWearCell == WEAR_BODY) { int ArmorUseTime = GetQuestFlag("prevent_wallhack.armor_use_time"); if (ArmorUseTime) { if (get_global_time() < ArmorUseTime /* limit */) { ChatPacket(CHAT_TYPE_INFO, LC_TEXT("You can't equip armor so fast")); return false; } else SetQuestFlag("prevent_wallhack.armor_use_time", get_global_time() + 3); } } In inpug_login.cpp, search: ch->StartCheckSpeedHackEvent(); Add under: ch->SetQuestFlag("prevent_wallhack.armor_
  2. Try to debug your game.core with gdb, and show the output to us.
  3. All of your docs you shared are expired on Pastebin mate.
  4. Client still inform you that you have icon problems with xy item, and your client won't crash bcs of this small "error". This correction is just for not flooding it every second if you have missing icon. It will inform you once, and set a default image for it as I mentioned before. ?
  5. I've never seen those files, but good to know, I'm not the only one, who hates those floods ?
  6. M2 Download Center Download Here ( Internal ) Hello Guys! I was so frustated with my syserr floods (%s ĆÄŔĎŔĚ ľř˝Ŕ´Ď´Ů.CItemData::__SetIconImage) when an item has no icon. With this correction the client will only notice you once per item that has no image, and set a default icon for them, so you can drop it to the ground from your inventory, instead of giving attention to make them a new icon, or copy/paste an existing image. Download: blank.tga Again, is not a big deal and my English is bad as always ? Have a nice day guys! ?
  7. For those who have the same problem. Instead of this: startNumber = 0 for slot in self.quickslot: for i in xrange(4): slotNumber = i+startNumber (Type, Position) = player.GetLocalQuickSlot(slotNumber) if player.IsSkillCoolTime(Position): (coolTime, elapsedTime) = player.GetSkillCoolTime(Position) slot.SetSlotCoolTime(slotNumber, coolTime, elapsedTime) cooldownDelay = 0 cooldown = int(coolTime-elapsedTime+cooldownDelay) self.cooldownText[slotNumber].SetOutline() self.cooldownText[slotNumber].SetText("%d" % cooldown) cooldown = str(coold
  8. That's not bad, but let's walk closer to your target, and use the skill. You will notice, it's triggering twice. Or this was happening only for me?
  9. You'll get one more good idea from me guys
  10. Add the d.new_jump_party inside the quest_function file
  11. Don't remove the whole condition Just this line: if not name in constInfo.ALREADY_NOTIFY_LIST: and this line: constInfo.ALREADY_NOTIFY_LIST.append(name)
  12. #_# I made it like this some months ago: case USE_EXTEND_TIME: { LPITEM item2; if (!IsValidItemPosition(DestCell) || !(item2 = GetItem(DestCell))) return false; if (item2->IsExchanging() || item2->IsEquipped()) return false; if (item2->GetType() != ITEM_COSTUME || (item2->GetSubType() != COSTUME_BODY && item2->GetSubType() != COSTUME_HAIR && item2->GetSubType() != COSTUME_MOUNT && item2->GetSubType() != COSTUME_WEAPON)) return false; int extendTime = (item2->GetSocket(0) + item->GetValue(0)) - get_global_time(); if (e
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