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  1. @xP3NG3Rx please have a look. Because you already gave us some eventFunctions.
  2. Hm but it turns orange when the dmg get in. And it stops when there is no dmg. They didnt change it just at the end, like yours. It works for the full gaugebar. I think it works like this: 1. DMG gets in. 2. The Red-Gaugebar gets removed 3. The Orange-Gaugebar appears where the red is gone 4. The Orange-Gaugebar moves slowly (like in your first exampel) until it completly disappears. (The range how much of the orange-bar should disappear is constantly updating because if more dmg gets in the orange bar gets "longer". I hope you can understand what i mean.
  3. Its close to that im searching for. If you look at my gif in the first post u can see there is a small effect which shows the gauge in an other color for an moment. But thanks anyways!
  4. Shang is right, i was looking for the effect of the gauge.
  5. Hello together, because im not that good with Python im gonna ask you guys if somebody can help me to archive this: https://puu.sh/BsiBY/a9e9c1aee0.mp4 It's a nice simpel improvment for the gauge in my opinion. If you agree with me let me knew about it and maybe help me out. Thanks in advance Tryn
  6. Hey, i've just got a questionen about how you will provide the Service to some customized drop.txt's? Is it possible to get this support from you? Or will you just provide this service for the default stuff? Greetings Tryn
  7. Not needed to fix it, cause i dont use it. But nice kind of post-hunting. Anyways i think a Serverside solution isnt the right way to handel it. Just do it like the officals and change some parts in the client to "pause" the rendering of the weapons if a emotion is in progress.
  8. Metin2 Global added the Chromium Framework to their client. Also i think the officals also upgraded their Webbrowser with the steam publishment. Others i dont know. The Chromium Framework is quiet easy to understand, i would go for this way
  9. Nice release, maybe you can fix your little bug, than it would fabulous.
  10. Maybe @xP3NG3Rx can give us/you the Pseudo for this? So we/you can recode it.
  11. I think there are some "bugs". If u mount for example the power mounts the texttail is floating miles above you. Also if you're not riding a mount the texttail above them ("XZY's Horse") is also miles above them. Maybe you can take a look for this "bugs". But nice release anyway. Thanks P3ng3r
  12. What has the proto to do with quality? If a newbie would get it unpacked it would also be the same proto as marty would had unpacked it. And this isnt something where we need to pay for, it will get pub soon i think. If it would be the complet zodiac run i would rather buy it from marty as from some "nonamed" person. I will just wait
  13. Ty for this information, but i wont want to buy a source just for getting the structure of the new mob_proto. I just want to get the unpacked proto for the new zodiac monsters, not even with their special skills, just the settings for hp, strength and so on. And the protos get public in a short time normally. This is even a argument why i wouldnt buy such stuff, because it isnt a full system, its just a proto. Even if it isnt public until yet.
  14. Ofc you can't just copy it. Also some skill_proto related changes need do be fit into the source als the new flags which i mentioned above. Dragon Roar for the e.x. is one of the easier skills to get working like offical. Knockback Flags and also Feather Walk are more difficult.
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