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  1. case ITEM_BLEND: // 새로운 약초들 sys_log(0,"ITEM_BLEND!!"); if (Blend_Item_find(item->GetVnum())) { int affect_type = AFFECT_BLEND; int apply_type = aApplyInfo[item->GetSocket(0)].bPointType; int apply_value = item->GetSocket(1); int apply_duration = item->GetSocket(2); CAffect* pAffect = FindAffect(affect_type, apply_type); if (FindAffect(affect_type, apply_type)) { if (item->GetSocket(2)) { RemoveAffect(pAffect); item->Lock(false); } else { ChatPacket(CHAT_TYPE_INFO, "Isi face deja efectu
  2. I managed to get them to be enabled and disabled, but the problem is as following: if i enable them , i get the correct value for the selected time, like in the following gif https://gyazo.com/5f6e8e4622c5c987b8d7fc20b4381c6c the problem is that the dews can be combined and get more time, like this https://gyazo.com/57fcd2779d51a1aab0eb8d79474d5efe but if i click on a 20minutes let's say, i get the affect (20% critical) for 20minutes, but the dew remains the same (for 20 minutes), if i disable (or the time runs down by itself), still 20 minutes, i need it to
  3. Skillproto mysql and skillproto client, you have to modify the duration from here as long as you want. I don't think u can make them permanent but add a high value like 30000 seconds.
  4. @Anix can't really compile because of that : RemoveAffectBlend(affect_type, apply_type); it says that is undefined. Anyway i don't want them to be always permanent, i just want them to be enabled and disabled even if they are just for 10 minutes as they were made by ymir, but if anyone knows and could help with that, the thing i said, adding time on an item would make it to go permanent at some point, then the permanent dews are fine where should i define it, i don't really know much about coding and stuff like that, i tried to do something on char.h b
  5. Gonna try it tomorrow but it looks like it's what i'm looking for, so, thanks!
  6. Hi guys, as you know there are some "systems" which lets you enable and disable the dew, but the problem is that it creates a new dew, which is not "blend". Does any have knowledge how to make the normal dews, to have the "elixir" effect without using those new "dews" which are not item_blend type? like enable/disable? (those 50821-50826). And also, any idea how did rubinum managed to make the pet thing (adding 1 day of life till 200 when it becomes permanent)? the function 199-permanent itself it's interesting how did the make that it automatically goes permanent ins
  7. Hi, what host packages would you recommend and from which provider? Im thinking about something which would keep running on 1500 players on opening date . I don't have that many systems if it means anything. I guess a VPS is out of question, right? I have seen that zap hosting offers VPSs that look better that some competitors dedicated servers.. but i think a vds is more reliable, right? How is for my needs a dedicated server with those specs: I5 8400 6c/6t at 4.0 ghz , 16gb ddr4? It's 60€ no VAT included.
  8. I firstly gone back with the client.. i still got kicked, but after using the yesterday's backup for game&db source everything is just fine, so it was not client related even if i did look up for a while for what i did mess up there.. i'll try to install it again as u said, i also had a lot of errors while trying to compile it so i might did something bad by trying to get it compiled lol.. i just started to play the game from the "backside" After i added the backup there is no more problem with the monster loading thing too..
  9. i had nothing to change in packet.h ?, that's what i thought too since it points to packets.. it only had to do with : gametype.h, locale_inc.h, pythonitemmodule.cpp, gamelibdefines.h and itemdata.h edit: i just checked everything related to client-side, it's ok.. i can use some skills (rolling dagger on ninja, almost everything as magic sura.. but hits/some skills just kills the client) is it possible that i have messed up something in db/game source? shouldn't it give errors while compiling or sysserrs on ch/db ? yet another edit, i also
  10. Hi, weird problem with the client, when i use skills or even hit attacks on mobs (or players, doesn't matter) the client closes itself giving me errors in sysserr like any idea why is this happening? i tried to add pendants from here, before i had no problem with attacks..
  11. thanks, useful. i managed to play around with this and it's what i need. i would still need the tutorial for animated weapons (.mde) if possible.. ?
  12. Thanks for that, but i managed to get them as items,mobs in protos but i can't really get them into the game, i did add a pet which i can't summon with /m, neither can i polymorph into, but i can somehow use /mount_test id and i would ride it, i have no clue what i did mess up. i have no pet_system quest btw , although basic pets like khan, porkie, eweriel and those work just fine the one i added it's like a ghost, it offers the bonuses, the seal is here, but not the mob itself. and for weapons i meant weapon costume, those 3d effects instead of classic skins, i could only find in
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