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  1. I lost 2 ou 3 days cheking what files is doing this problem, but ddnt find... hmm ( i think this came with the files btw )
  2. This is problem of yang limit, i saw some topics now about it I just change something's and add's long long etc etc Thanks for responding me
  3. Any way to resolve that ?
  4. Good evening, I ask help to a problem that does not even know where did I go wrong but it is the following, I do not know where I changed and what, since I have only been tinkering in quest's but from 1 day or 2, that when I invoke an item that does not exist, the chat does not appear to indicate that it does not exist and when I try to create a stone dragon soul, he invokes well but when I try to evolve, the stone appear in my inventory Sometime when i try to invoke a dragon soul item ( ex : 164400 ) if i invoke with +1 or +6 wtc ( 164410/60 ) the item appears in my inventory and wit
  5. Yup, that work! Thank you so much for the help! Kind Regards
  6. Good afternoon I ask a little help to be able to add new maps / core (?) Well, I had to search a bit in the source and noticed that most maps allowed is 32 per config, tried to increase but did a little research and saw some people say it is not even advisable to do so I began a search on creating a core (?) But apparently the last attempt I made, the server crashed Therefore I ask a help to create a core (?) Or where is a tutorial to do so Thank you Kind Regards
  7. Thanks for this system, i apreciated but i some problems my first problem is when i try to search one time to trade ( on sell items ), the system can't search the item, i have tryed with some names of items, but sho's no results, and when i searh for a item or person with item, the person show's but the item not..
  8. hmm Soo, no one know's where we can find, exactly, the error?
  9. Soo, the problem maybe is in that 2 files of source? hmm I ddnt understand well ( google translate suchs ) but the problem is in the patch files? client?
  10. hmm i tested today and happens to me, wut?!
  11. Thank you so much for this tut's! Btw i have one little bug on pet pick up, when i use the pet and try to use another pet, server crash's Syserr doesn't show anything..
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