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  1. Bes

    CH3HP DDoS

    Hi there, Now he's probably again out of money, sending messages to server admins telling that Aeldra paid him to attack them, wanting to collect money to reverse the attack... I'll say it once, we do not attack anyone, and we do not pay anybody to do so. We are not involved in anything and we won't be. You can block any of this "DDoS" easily. We noticed the last 2 days attacks on our auth server again, ofc it had no effect, after the first packet he sent, the IP's getting blacklisted. Do whatever you think, that "DDoS" is just a joke, at the beginning last year we were not able to fix it directly (because sometimes you also got stuff with your server and content todo) so he offered us a firewall rule which filters 99% he claimed, but he scammed us, never sent anything, end of the story. Was kinda stupid of us, instead of setting up a proper solution as we did shortly after that. If you want to be protected from this fool contact us, we can help you like with the IP-blacklist of his botnet. Just blacklist that and ur fine. Btw. "his" botnet is like 5k IP's of compromised GoDaddy servers and IP-Cams in CN or smth... but over the last 2 years, our blacklist grew to 25K IP's because there are few more idiots, some of them are reading this probably. Invest your money better in your server then in attacking Aeldra, because some scammer tells you lies. We don't care anyway what ur doing. Just don't give that idiot your money, that'll just make it worse for you because then he knows whom to milk. Discord: Bes#9842
  2. Bes


    Hi Guy´s I releas the Map in this Board now I hope you enjoy! http://i.epvpimg.com/4N3Xb.jpg http://i.epvpimg.com/dMDkf.jpg Virustotal Download
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