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python Metin2 Web Page ( + Admin Panel + deploy with Docker.

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Metin2 Web Page ( + Admin Panel + deploy with Docker.

Today I bring this post the page that I have been working on, and use in my servers for production.

This page is made in python and the code is available in github, this to be able to track and have a centralized way to get the update of it.

In addition to this this page has a Dockerfile to deploy it and so people who have no knowledge in installing servers can make use of it easily.


    paymentwall for donations.
    account activation email
    google captcha to give security to the forms
    password recovery by mail
    administration panel
    ORM to analyze the different types of databases.
    Top of players by crontab. -> Available from the dockerfile
    multi language, currently only has English and Spanish implemented


    Easy installation, you just have to configure a file.
    Easy administration
    Page with security implemented
    Open Source, has an MIT license and because of this anyone can send improvements to the page through pull request on github
    It can be deployed in any unix operating system including FreeBSD thanks to the Dockerized page.


    If it is going to be mounted separately it requires a VPS of minimum 512 Megabytes of ram to be able to deploy it.
    At the moment it only has one appearance, the new skin for this website is in development.

Download links only available from github.

Deploy Links

Web Page

How To deploy.

You can run the project after cloning it and being inside the directory where all the source code is.

docker run -d -p 80:80 --name mt2web -v $PWD:/var/www/html/ luisito666/mt2web

With this we finalize the process of deployment of the application.

Execute migrations

To execute the migrations we first enter the container and execute this command.

python3 migrate

Execute commands inside of Docker

docker exec -it mt2web bash


Some screnshots











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