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Found 63 results

  1. Hi everyone! I am coming back to you with the new league of legends map! This is 'Howling Abyss' - version metin2. Map size - 2x2 It's good for pvp contact __________________________________________________________________ This is my last map of league of legends. Now I plan to add new npc / monsters / objects. I will show you everything! Cooming soon ..! __________________________________________________________________ Summoner's Rift - >>>> click __________________________________________________________________
  2. Hi everyone! I'm back I want to show you me new map. This is summoner's rift version metin2. Maybe soon I will create a 'twisted treeline' and 'aram' How do you like it? contact _________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________
  3. Ace

    map Picabo - Stone Case

    Hello Guys, i will release for you a new Map for free it's 2 x 2 Map for ("Run, Level, Farm, PvP") the Release Date is 31.12.2017, so you can Download the Map now but you will see the Password then 31.12.2017 on my new Video on YouTube. Have fun and let a Like there by the Vid's Picture of Picabo Minimap: Big Picture Loading: Picture Ingame: Please test it cause the Pictures dont say anything about the Map Speed-Art of Picabo: Part 1 Part 2 Part 3: Release Date and Download Have fun,
  4. Ace

    map New Dungeon - Solitary II

    Hello guys, here you can see my new work, I can not say when it will be finished cause i work realy much with Details and effects (with textures and Environment) so i hope you like this work. you can find solitary v1 here: here are some Screens from solitary v2: map size: 3 x 3 map atlas you can vote here for release the map if i finish it, subscribe for news my channel on YouTube: Ace,
  5. Hey, i just need to ask. Is there some way of telling monsters where to stay or where not to go? Cuz i have let's say wild dog on my map. He will bemoving as normal no problem here buut it can happen that he will jsut go to the mountains where player can't go aaand you can't kill him. So questeion is. Is there some way (i believe there is) to tell to mobs where they can and where they can't go? Thx a lot for answer.
  6. Reco

    map Small Farmmap

    hello guys i have a small farmmap for you the size of the map is 2x2. Its nothing special but i hope you enjoy it Download: pw: reco
  7. goodallman14

    solved Problem with map

    Hello, so i have a little problem here with my map. I've spent a lot of time on it and also a lot of time by now trying to implement it onto my server. So what i did so far: Client side: added map, added all textures, new environment script, added map to atlasinfo Server side: added map to map folder, added it to index file, gave it map index 400, typed the map index xto CONFIG files for each channel and game99 What is happening? Well when i warp to a map i will just get a black screen with all the glitches that are normal when there's a problem with map implement. One thing that is weird: When i warp to a map a map index is shown at the chat window.... it shows map index 351 witch is idex for fire dungeon map. When i kill myself and press respawn in city it won't respawn me on my map on coordinates i gave in Town.txt, instead it teleports me to the fire zone (whatever the name is). The sysser on client is saying this: 0602 15:50:24760 :: NOT_FOUND_GLOBAL_POSITION(751400, 626100) 0602 15:50:24761 :: CPythonBackground::SelectViewDistanceNum(int eNum=0) mc_pcurEnvironmentData is NULL <---- this repeats untill i teleport out or quit I think i doublechecked everything (tabs, spaces, lines, packaging) but with no succes... Any idea what could be wrong?
  8. Ace

    map Red Empire - Mini Version

    hi, just fun release Map size Original: 4 x 5 new Size: 3 x 3 Minimap: Have fun Download:
  9. Sendalone

    open Anyone help ?

    First i',m sorry 4 my bad english When i warp on my new map i see this after move, all be normal, but i'm not see NPC's near me. This problem is when i have on Town.txt of map more than 1 coordinates just like 180 130 150 250 180 130 150 250 when i have on Town.txt only 1 coordinates (just like 180 130) and nothing else, all be normal, now can anyone help me ? pls
  10. North

    map My first map

    Lets skip all the boring part, this is my first map created with we so dont be too harsh Video preview: [Resource & server_attr included] DL:!0VgzVIJL!5TVgPJtEFISGY2O_N0v_GWv0bjgZJXUjud_DLiRjUGg
  11. Fazer

    map Release 2x2 Desert Map

    Hello guy. I spent my time to create a map just for you metin2_map_Desert_Fazer.rar
  12. .plechito'

    map Demon dungeon

    Hi, many people wrote about some new maps, dungeons etc... I have not so much free time, but when i have some i work hard. Here is new demon dungeon, something more darker! Dungeon will have 4 floors, size of the map is 4x4. Im not sure when i will be done with this map. Mobs and so still left and i have not much free time right now so i think i will finish it in 2 weeks. Here are some screens:
  13. amosth

    open time in map quest

    Hello How I would create a quest where the player enters the map is 20 minutes and leaves. In case one player can not see the other. Thanksssssss
  14. Hello everyone. I need a little help here: I need quest function which checks how many players are in certain maps. Does someone know any way do check this?
  15. Moon123

    Looking for best castle model

    Hello guys, I want to make a siege event and i need a castle model because the castles in metin2 suck. I want a real castle building model. Anyone who has a model to show me or make one to show me please contact me. I want it kinda large. I want to buy the best castle i can find
  16. Winders

    map [Release] Winders Forest Map

    Hi Metin2Dev Today I decided to share with you my first map. Note : If I forgot to put something in the archive, please leave me a reply. MapSize : 2 x 3 Download : The attr is in the folder with the map "forest_map" Map Preview
  17. Hello! I have some issues with world editor. I hope someone can help me 1) I can open textures and trees.. but building, effect, etc make program crash or anything happens like it doesn't load anything (it ask me .gr2, but .prb doesn't work either9 2) how can I import sura (mouse)? This is my folder (that I created with subst in cmd for d:) and syserr Thank you and sorry for my English!!
  18. .plechito'

    map Green dragon valley

    Hi guys! I didnt release some map long time ago. So here its small 2x2 map with 2 mobs, boss and metnistone Everything is done and prepared just for install. You need granny 2.9 for the objects and monsters. Dont release it on other forums please. If you will have any problem, dont write me private message, write right here to the topic. I dont offer support for this free map. If you are interested about more stuff, visit my web DOWNLOAD
  19. dvsPROJECTS

    map SWAMP

    Hello everyone, this is my first map on this page I hope you will like it. All information like a contact, website can be found on my profile.
  20. .apex'

    map Falls of Nezha - by apex

    Hello, I'm here to share a little easter present with you guys. Features: - about 12 hours work - 4x4 Level/Farmmap - high realism with many little details - attr and minimap - capedragonhead textureset sowie mtthunder environment Screenshots: keep in mind that I've used some of iAce aka. CryPrimes objects, which he has published on youtube. You can find some reuploads on other boards! A big thanks to Ace! Also you have to edit the Settings.txt and atlasinfo with your own coordinates!!HyRDDZ6R!1sQ1lsXPe3ZTG3qU2F53vsu7-wN-SVk42YAAYLqC34E Password for the download is byapex I wish you an nice weekend, enjoy the holidays with your friends and family Sincerly, apex
  21. oncemoron

    solved Fog in map

    Hello community metin2dev, i have question about fog in map. I have this map And in Worldeditor is nothing... How i can remove fog from maps (client) Thanks for all reply. Best regard
  22. Hello, guys! I have this problem, if can I say, with CreatePrivateMap, I would like to create a specified private map like 3050040 for example, It's any function for that or someone who know how to? I only know about d.join, but this function creates the map in asceding orders. 3050000, 305001, 3050002, 3050003, etc. I need something to create a specified value, like d.join(3050040). Sorry for my bad english!
  23. adrianadyy

    Quest map

    Hello, I have this quest and it does not work, can someone help me? In this quest, once you entered the map, I want to go to the Orc Valley after 20 minutes quest taram_metin begin state start begin when"Valea Eroilor" begin if pc.get_map_index() == 103 then say_title("Koe-Pung:") say("Ridicã-þi sabia laºule,doar de atât eºti în stare?") say("Devino puternic ºi aratã-mi cã eºti un adevãrat") say("rãzboinic. În curând vom merge la rãzboi ºi avem") say("nevoie de rãzboinici puternici,aºa cã devino ") say("mai puternic. Eu te pot lãsa sã intri în Valea") say("Eroilor, pentru a lupta cu") say("Pietrele Metin de acolo ºi pentru a deveni un") say("Erou adevãrat.") wait() say_title("Koe-Pung:") say("Pentru a te putea trece ai nevoie de Permis Valea") say("Eroilor, pe care doar Cãpitanul þi-l poate poate") say("da.") say_reward("Nivelul necesare pentru a intra este 30.") say_item_vnum(30002) wait() say_reward("Nivel minim de intrare 30, poþi intra pânã la") say_reward("nivelul 99.") say_item_vnum(30002) wait() if pc.count_item(30002) > 0 and pc.level >= 30 and pc.level <= 99 then say_title("Koe-Pung:") say("Se pare cã totul este în regulã,pregãteºte-te") say("pentru o cãlãtorie periculoasã,te voi duce doar") say("unde cei mai curajoºi ºi mai bravi eroi au ajuns.") pc.setqf("duration",get_time()+900) server_loop_timer('devil_stone4_update', 10, pc.get_map_index()) server_timer( 5*60, pc.get_map_index()) notice("Ai 15 minute la dispozitie sa farmezi"); pc.remove_item(30002) pc.warp(9728,102400 ) else say_title("Koe-Pung:") say("Se pare cã ceva nu este în regulã,nu ai permisul") say("de intrare sau nivelul minim sau ai depãºit nivelul") say("maxim pânã la care poþi intra ca sã te pot duce") say("în Valea Eroilor.") end end end end end
  24. adrianadyy

    open Problem

    Hello, I have a bug on map1 red and on multiple maps. When a player reaches certain parts of the map he gets kicked and can not enter the character. I tried to change the maps to my client and serverfiles,but it did not work. The problem is not from map allow, who can help me? syserr:
  25. Da'Real Pain

    map New Kingdom Maps - Aloria

    Herrow fellow devs, I'd like to show u two reworked map1 designs, which we've made for our Server Aloria. Hopefully u'll like 'em. I'm looking forward to ur replys and hope for some usefull criticism. Time spend on each map ~ 5-6 hrs kind regards, pain