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  1. thespeedy

    KNOCKBACK Patch Skill 17.5 Official Servers

    what is this?
  2. thespeedy

    [0.0.4] VS Code Extension for Metin2 Quests

    syntax work but how can test its compile quest or debugging at vegas video 0:40^^
  3. thespeedy

    [0.0.4] VS Code Extension for Metin2 Quests

    how can debug quest without qc in vs?
  4. thespeedy

    c++ [RLS]Shop EX Renewal

    /reload_shop_ex is a nice idea for reload the table?
  5. its your 2k10 source for VS 2019 or still work on your 2k10?
  6. thespeedy

    c++ [RLS]Renewal Book Name

    sry but i cant turk xD
  7. thespeedy

    c++ [RLS]Renewal Book Name

    is public?
  8. thespeedy

    c++ [RLS]Renewal Book Name

    what is this?
  9. thespeedy

    New Chest View idea

    how mutch? i like your work♡
  10. thespeedy

    Client 2k10(40k) && Windows SF

    still work?
  11. thespeedy

    [BUY]Offline-Shop System

  12. thespeedy

    open [HELP] Cube+ One NPC

    your quest open a shop not the Cube Window