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  1. Greetings everyone, i hope you are having a wonderful day so far. Today i added the sash system by LeNnt and everything went smoothly...except from the fact that some of the sashes are not working. If i try to equip the red sash, it doesn't work. If i try to equip one of the blue sashes, the char equips it just fine. Here is a gif to help you understand better the issue i'm facing. Now i triple checked everything in my source files/pack files and everything is in order but most of the sashes are still not working. Thank you all in advance. Edit : Fixed. (If you're having the same issue, check your dump proto source.)
  2. Erebus


    Yes you can, i managed to extract locale/root with the tool.
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    Thank you for your info! In my country, a lot of people are getting downtimes and lag spikes due to DDOS attacks. do you reckon that i'd be fine with OVH? because i only know a couple of P server owners in my country and they all host their servers with OVH but they always get some downtime/lag due to DDOS attacks.
  4. Hey everyone, i hope you're having a wonderful day so far. What kind of system would i need to run a p server with roughly 80 people? Also, which hosting do you guys use in 2020 and what are the top hosting provides for a server without any ddos problems, i was wondering if there are any other options except ovh or even better. Thank you all in advance!
  5. Are these leaks from the official metin2 servers? if so, do we know any backstory about what happend?
  6. Hello everyone! i hope you're having a wonderful day so far. The issue i'm dealing with is whenever i try to pvp against another player every hit we both make to each other is a MISS. I literally have no clue what's going on, i tried searching it but it seems no one has ever had this problem before. here is my battle.cpp : If you guys need any other src file please let me know! Thank you all in advance! EDIT: It seems i can attack in other places but not in the pyungmoo map. I also tried attacking in other kingdom maps and it seems to work fine in those maps aswell. Please help! EDIT 2 : GM chars are the only ones that cannot PVP, if i try to PVP GM vs normal player it still doesn't work. Normal Player vs Player works.