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  1. Dutschke

    open Mouse wheel up or wheel down event?

    That's not the point. I need the mouse wheel down and mouse wheel up event.
  2. Dutschke

    open where can i find MT2GS V1.4 by [SA]Axcell + Hen!

    i need full panel
  3. Is there anyone who can share the necessary codes for the mouse wheel up or mouse wheel down? @VegaS™
  4. Dutschke

    open Error Unknown Window Flag ...

    I don't know when you made this mistake. I think it's random.
  5. Visual Studio 2019 ERROR: Windows headers require the default packing option. Changing this can lead to memory corruption. This diagnostic can be disabled by building with WINDOWS_IGNORE_PACKING_MISMATCH defined.
  6. Dutschke

    [C++] Storing affects for check later

    Thank you for sharing. I was looking for something like that.