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  1. Also you need to compile cryptopp lib with vs2019
  2. You can do it better !
  3. xGenessis

    open [SEARCH] ServerFiles

    The best are the ones made by you. Also, I recommend you to start on something clean like mainline/vanilla
  4. xGenessis

    [FIX] Guilding building Yang-Bug

    For cube.cpp ch->PointChange(POINT_GOLD, -static_cast<int>(cube_proto->gold), false);
  5. xGenessis

    open Horse not dying?

    Yes because a horse can live between 25 and 30 years or your horse is immortal
  6. xGenessis

    [C++] Vnum Range DS

    I don t say ” This code is mine ” so shut the fuck up 1, and 2 If we look in your activity , 90% of posts are in question and answer Nice Elijah or other kids wich you puth them to comment
  7. xGenessis

    c++ Items tradable

    I think is a new version cause @M2BobFixed is older than @Player Unknown :-/
  8. Slait, Koray and after Martysama*
  9. xGenessis

    open Exploit auth

    Probably messenger exploit , idk
  10. xGenessis

    [C++] Vnum Range DS

    If you use item_proto.sql you need vnum_range to be able to refine dragon soul
  11. xGenessis


    Absolutely right bro, but if he want to block auto potions , we give him what he want
  12. xGenessis


    I think its a bug when yo are polymorphed and you have auto potions enabled
  13. xGenessis

    [C++] Vnum Range DS

    // Open service.h and add #define ENABLE_VNUMRANGE // 1. Open ClientManagerBoot.cpp and earch enum IProtoT and after , value5 add #ifdef ENABLE_VNUMRANGE , vnum_range #endif // 2. Search bool CClientManager::InitializeItemTableFromDB() and after , value5" add #ifdef ENABLE_VNUMRANGE " , vnum_range" #endif // or replace the function with bool CClientManager::InitializeItemTableFromDB() { char query[2048]; fprintf(stdout, "Loading item_proto from MySQL\n"); snprintf(query, sizeof(query), "SELECT vnum, type, subtype, name, %s, gold, shop_buy_price, weight, size," " flag, wearflag, antiflag, immuneflag+0, refined_vnum, refine_set, magic_pct," " socket_pct, addon_type, limittype0, limitvalue0, limittype1, limitvalue1," " applytype0, applyvalue0, applytype1, applyvalue1, applytype2, applyvalue2," " value0, value1, value2, value3, value4, value5" #ifdef ENABLE_VNUMRANGE " , vnum_range" #endif " FROM item_proto%s ORDER BY vnum;", g_stLocaleNameColumn.c_str(), GetTablePostfix() ); // 3. Search VERIFY_IFIELD(IProto::addon_type, item_table->sAddonType); and after add #ifdef ENABLE_VNUMRANGE VERIFY_IFIELD(IProto::vnum_range, item_table->dwVnumRange); #endif // 4. Open player.item_proto, select Design Table and add `vnum_range` tinyint(4) NOT NULL DEFAULT '0',
  14. xGenessis

    open Sash showing wrong bonus after absorbtion

    Check or put here
  15. xGenessis

    open Mainline Compilieren Error

    You need to install gcc++49 pkg install gcc or put in your makefile g++ instead of g++49