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  1. dawnofthedead15

    Src expert

    Hello Contact me on discord Ruko#6833
  2. dawnofthedead15

    Finding a serverfiles

    I have - contact me on discord Ruko#6833 Bugfree files.
  3. dawnofthedead15

    Development looking

    Hello add me on discord Ruko#6833
  4. dawnofthedead15

    Developer for solve Translae Problems.

    Add me on skype - dawnofthedead15
  5. dawnofthedead15

    Inventory sidebar Buttons

    Pretty straightforward and easy system - nice share
  6. dawnofthedead15

    Client protect

    I can code one for you if you want?
  7. dawnofthedead15

    [Pay] Looking for client protection

    I can help you with that, throw me a pm or add me on skype: dawnofthedead15 I will be creating it myself.
  8. I am a developer i can help if you want. I can offer you these services: If you need any help in all terms of work from a metin2 Developer im your guy. My name is Julius im 23 years old. I work as a datatechnician in a company. In my freetime i work freelance as a metin2 developer - ive created a few servers of my own including Avatars2. I can do everything from website to creating servers. Working on source, client or patching. LUA Programming. If i missed something please let me know. If you need any specific kind of work please let me know in a pm. Looking forward to working with you Cheers!
  9. dawnofthedead15

    metin2 developer

    still need help?
  10. Hello there throw me a pm i can help you with your project.
  11. dawnofthedead15

    Staff italian project

    Hello do you still need help? part 3. i cant do but the other things i can do.
  12. dawnofthedead15

    Need a co partner for my server.

    Hello i can help you - throw me a pm
  13. dawnofthedead15

    Buying metin2 server files oldschool

    Still need help? If you have files i can help you.
  14. dawnofthedead15

    Bugs on my server

    Would rather try to get Them fixed Currently a running server that ppl like
  15. dawnofthedead15

    Bugs on my server

    I have problems with duel, group invite, change empire scroll, horse seems like it summons with item, but its not there + no icon of the horse. But i can summon on gm with command no problem. Last problem is i cant set pvp mode to free etc nothing of that. Adding skill books to trainers.. I need help with this bug fixing - plz help me. I can pay a little if you like? I want to be able to trade infinite yang too.