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See oponent status.


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Hi there.


Is it possible to make one system (window) where we can see oponent status?

My ideia is this.


A new buton in trade, duel, group etc... tab. This button is called Status.


When we select the char and press this button will open a simple window when show:

Oponent HP, Str, Int,Dex, Vit, HH, all res to sword, dager and etc...

This if for all useres use. If its possible make it with much more if. Then it show all this info only for GM. A normal user only see the normal Status.

Is it possible? 

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You already have this option : view_equip

You must to add what you need in that function.

its not the same. I have view equip for GM only and i only can se equips. if i wanna se status from player x i have to do /command. players cant see other player status this way.

Use 40k source ?


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