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External links in Login window.



Hi all. I tried some times to customize my client's login windows by linking each visible button with a link to be opened in a new tab in web browser.


I've truly no idea about how to do that, so i would appreciate any kind of help you can give to me. 


Thank you in advance!

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Hi cCorax, thank you so much for your reply. 


Buttons are already defined, but when pressed in the login windows, appears no further action.


I've looked in syserr and couldn't find an error in here about that problem.


Ty again!

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If you want open url in ingame browser

	def OpenWebWindow(self):
		width, height = int(max(wndMgr.GetScreenWidth() / 2, 800)), int(min(wndMgr.GetScreenHeight() / 1.5, 600))
		x, y = wndMgr.GetScreenWidth() / 2 - width / 2, wndMgr.GetScreenHeight() / 2 - height / 2
		self.webWindow = ui.BoardWithTitleBar()
		self.webWindow.SetSize(width, height)
		self.webWindow.SetPosition(x, y)
		app.ShowWebPage("http://google.com", (x+10, y+40, x+width-20, y+height-40))
	def HideWebWindow(self):

If you want open url in normal web browser

def OpenUrlWithBrowser(self):
	import os
	os.popen("start %s" % (url))
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This is the my version:

loginwindow.py (in locale):

			"name" : "WepPageButton",
			"type" : "button",

			"x" : , #write here the x coordinate
			"y" : , #write here the y coordinate

			"default_image" : "d:/ymir work/ui/public/large_button_01.sub",
			"over_image" : "d:/ymir work/ui/public/large_button_02.sub",
			"down_image" : "d:/ymir work/ui/public/large_button_03.sub",

			"text" : , #write here the button text

intrologin.py (in root)


import uiScriptLocale

Write under:

import webbrowser

Now search:

self.loginExitButton		= GetObject("LoginExitButton")

Write under:

self.WepPageButton			= GetObject("WepPageButton")

Now search:


Write under:


Now create this function:

	def __WebPageTest(self):
		webbrowser.open_new("write here your url")

The last thing put this, in the lib folder:

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