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[C++]Problem in cpp's metin2



Hi, i am having a problem, i whant to edit my cpp files, but i don't know where do i edited, becouse i have 4 pastes, where the cpp files are.

Where do i edit to afect the game?




PS: Sorry foi my bad english.



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My bsd is 9.2 but if i change to 9.3+, does it makes difrence?

Edit: i AM editing the files in 9.2 and i whant to edit the cpp files, can i edited in the 9.2 then use the same in the dedicated 9.3+?

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But i go step by step, then if it is all OK, i start edit, then when i whant to put in the dedicated, i have to configure the dedicate as well... and i can copy the cpp files, that i have edited on my PC to the dedicate?

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So your bsd has already all the branches.

Now just pick one and start working on it.


First you'll need to compile all things

cd /usr/src/your_choosen_branch/Server
gmake all

Then edit your make files (game and db folders) and you're ready to go.

There's plenty of tutorials here, or wtv, showing how it's done.


Just look for them.

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