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Syserr error help!



hello community
I have a problem!

Syserr Core1 CH1 Source Code maxmi 81000


SYSERR: Mar 31 19:33:48.280875 :: SyncPosition: Too often SyncPosition Interval(0ms)(Arahan Oscuro Soberbio) from Name(Pain) VICTIM(558415,130281) SYNC(558563,130327)

SYSERR: Mar 31 19:34:53.642741 :: RunState: LUA_ERROR: (none):0: attempt to index field `?' (a nil value)
SYSERR: Mar 31 19:34:53.642841 :: WriteRunningStateToSyserr: LUA_ERROR: quest pet_system.start letter
SYSERR: Apr  1 00:43:18.359211 :: WarpSet: cannot find map location index 46 x 256000 y 819200 name Yanku
SYSERR: Apr  1 00:51:10.964921 :: UpdateSectree: null sectree name: Yanku 373994 181817


Quest Pet system



quest pet_system begin

state start begin
when 53001.use or 53002.use or 53003.use or 53005.use or 53006.use or 53007.use or 53008.use or 53009.use 
or 53010.use or 53011.use or 53012.use or 53013.use or 53014.use or 53015.use or 53016.use or 53017.use begin
local v = item.get_vnum()
local petName, mobVnum, effect = pet_info[v][2], pet_info[v][1], pet_info[v][3]
local petName
if pet.is_named() then petName = " - "..pet.get_name(mobVnum)..""
else petName = pet_info[v][2] end
if pet.get_level() == 0 then pc.give_pet(v) return end
if true == pet.is_summon(mobVnum) then pet.seal_menu() return end
if pet.count_summoned() < 1 then
pet.summon(mobVnum, petName, false)
pc.setqf("pet_spawn", mobVnum) pc.setqf("pet_spawn_id", v)
pet.spawn_effect(mobVnum, effect_table[pet_info[v][6]])
pet.give_bonus() pet.summon_log()
loop_timer("refresh_pet_stats", 0.5)
else syschat(pet_text.cantsummonmore) end
when refresh_pet_stats.timer with pc.getqf("pet_spawn") != 0 begin if pc.is_dead() then pet.remove_bonus() pet.delete_infos() end pet.gui_info() end
when kill with not npc.is_pc() and pet.count_summoned() >= 1 and pet.get_level() < 150 begin pet.level_up() end
when login begin cmdchat("SetPetIncreaseBoniButtonIndex "..q.getcurrentquestindex()) end
when info or button begin  pet.remove_bonus() pet.increase_stats()  pet.give_bonus() end
when logout with pc.getqf("pet_spawn") != 0 and pet.count_summoned() > 0 begin  pet.remove_bonus() pet.delete_infos() end
when 17220.use or 11951.use or 11952.use or 11953.use or 11954.use 
or 11955.use or 11956.use or 11957.use or 11958.use or 11959.use or
14501.use or 11961.use or 11962.use or 11963.use or 11964.use or 11965.use
or 11966.use or 11967.use or 11968.use or 11969.use or 17521.use or 11971.use
or 11972.use or 11973.use or 11974.use or 11975.use or 11976.use or 11977.use
or 11978.use or 11979.use or 17540.use or 17541.use with pc.getqf("pet_spawn") ~= 0 begin pet.set_item(item.get_vnum()) end
when 34001.click or 34002.click or 34003.click or 34004.click or 34005.click or 34006.click 
or 34007.click or 34008.click or 34009.click or 34010.click or 34011.click or 34012.click 
or 34013.click or 34014.click or 34015.click or 34016.click begin if pet.is_mine() == true then pet.gui_info() cmdchat("ShowPet") end


Help me please!

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